T.I. Faces Major Backlash For Policing Daughter's Hymen

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  1. First of all why are people in this man's business? It's his business how he chooses to raise his daughter. Don't get mad he wants to protect his seed from being pregnant at an early age before being in a career. Most of the women that are upset had kids out of wedlock when they were minors. The father's didn't want kids. Just wanted sex. In most cases father's wanted to be fathers. The mothers will keep the father's from their kids. I think T.I is doing a great job. This needs to happen with more father's then maybe we won't have to deal with kids having kids.

  2. TI is a controlling mysogonistic man. He has no respect for women. You can see that with his relationship with Tiny. He doesn't even let her get her thoughts out. She had to threaten him with divorce to even start working again. This man needs help. I can only imagine what unhealthy relationships he had with women growing up. He should get help.

  3. Leviticus 19:29 Do not prostitute thy daughter, to cause her to be a whore; lest the land fall to whoredom, and the land become full of wickedness#In other words don't allow your daughter to become a whore…..

  4. Yee is soooo annoying beating her feminist drum. I have three daughters and as a black father I will protect my children from everything God will allow me to, that’s including themselves. I would do the same if they were boys. Our job as parents is to guide and if I have an opportunity to guide my daughters decision making pass three bums in their lifetime I will. So basically your telling a father who once was a little immature boy who only wanted sex to not protect and inform his home team of the opponents objective. Yes as young males we should be seen as opponents until proven themselves to be an ally.

  5. YALL NIGGA BE KILLING WITH THIS AT LEAST HES IN HER LIFE SHIT! For the love of God y’all act like a man actually being a father is a supposed be some type of award. Like Chris rock said “ you’re supposed to take care of your kids Nigga”

  6. Angela yee acts like she has children, bruh she is always promoting woman being whores and constantly ask people about sex and freaky shit when it has NOTHING to do with the topic, bruh she a hoe and wants everyone including these little girls to be hoes. She gives women a bad name, by not showing her mental game off but always wants to tell of her sexual exploits. Once again she is not a parent, and has a podcast dedicated to talking about blow jobs and other nonsense.

  7. I GREATLY applaud you Envy and Charlemagne for standing up for GOOD fathers. You two and TI are awesome black fathers. A lot of Older women are ruining our young girls with their ideology. They act like the man is down there with a light on her himself. I totally agree with charlemagne, He never should have put their family business in the streets. Please do not let these women harass you two into changing your minds. I APPRECIATE you black men

  8. Now there’s people under he comments asking to pop her cherry. This is why u don’t discuss your child’s sex life on a national platform. It’s a violation. And who takes a virgin to the ob to get something shoved up her cooch because you don’t believe her word? Another violation. Lastly, why are you bragging on your child’s virginity? Seems pretty creepy period. I have thee most over protective dad who shamed me into not having sex, but he also believed my word. Didn’t have to take me to the dr to confirm. Ps. You don’t even go to the gyno at that age unless you have an issue or are sexually active sooo he is literally putting al her business out there.


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