Sunny Bonnell & Ashleigh Hansberger On Why Being Defiant and Different Makes You a Rare Breed

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  1. It's not that they didn't have anything of value to say. It's the way this information has been filtered through what is unbelievable privilege (even with everything they have faced personally as self-proclaimed "rare breeds" and lesbians–who are still White women in America who had the luxury to move their business into the "ghetto"…as an option for cheaper rent, and not because they have no choice or inherited a legacy of oppression and marginalization that keep them there. They talked about how horrible it was living in this high-crime area because it affected them personally…(As two White women who grew up in higher income homes and neighborhoods). The had the option to leave, or not volunteer to live there in the first place. A luxury. When asked why they stayed where they chose to go, they answered because the neighborhood was cheap AND they had a family member who owned a property. Again, what privilege! Great, but recognize it. Own it. Be grateful. They really appeared to conflate struggle with struggle. As though the same rules apply for everyone who dares to dream. They do not. I felt there was no understanding of intersectionality outside of their personal hurdles. Moreover, their attitudes seemed almost entitled juxtaposed against that lack of awareness. The blind spots with these two made the messaging moot for me.

  2. More young people should really listen to what these young ladies are saying. So many times there are people who think outside of the box or look at life and opportunities in such a unique way but then they are forced to have to conform because someone does not see the world the way they see them. And the fact that they came up through the royal South and expanded from there is also a good example of what it means to grow from a place that’s outside of a major metropolitan city. Great interview.

  3. My wife and I was forced to pivot and become rare breeds, when she was diagnosed with Lupus and several hospitalizations, that we we're forced to leave the cooperate world and start our own business, with just one sewing machine and a computer. That was three years ago and haven't looked back since. Our style was made for the rare breeds.

  4. White privilege…hard to be a rare breed when systems are there to support you. Let a darker-skinned person step out like we usually do, the same disruption would be deemed aggressive.


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