Stephen A., Tracy McGrady and Max have LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan debate | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and NBA legend Tracy McGrady argue about the LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan debate.

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  1. The best way to have this debate is: if Jordan and Lebron were captains picking from all time greats who would make up their teams and which team would win a 7 game series?

  2. Max people in comments section are either warriors bandwagon or lebron hater tracy didn't say lebron is better player hesaid he is better teammate and i didn't watch mj may be he was better may be not but i am watching lebron who is under the microscope everyday nd still playing at great level at 33 lebron can take a bunch a scrubs to final he may loose but Michael can't carry them to final

  3. Pippen was in his prime about the same Time as mike. Which is why they were able to sustain that for so many years. D. Wade started to decline in play after the second year. First year back in Cleveland his two all stars were hurt. 2nd year 73-9 team down 1-3. He won. That same team get KD to win. This year his All star and supporting cast aren’t playing any where near a level any time during his finals runs

  4. Wade > Pippen…facts. And I grew up watching 80s and 90s ball. People forget, Pippen was soft earlier in his career. The Pistons would focus on breaking Pip down mentally while breaking down Jordan physically.

  5. Old ass d wade and chris bosh are not comparable to steph curry, klay thompson, dreymond green, andre iggy, and the rest of that stacked ass squad. K love and kyrie aren’t even close either. The warriors had 4 HOFers before kd went there lmfao. Not even close. The warriors won 73 games before durant went there. LeBron made miami what it was and makes Cleveland what it is. Maybe a prime d wade, prime bosh prime love and prime kyrie all on the same team, maybe that team would be comparable. If LeBron had joined a team with 4 hall of famers that had just won 73 games, we could have this argument. Pull your fucking heads out

  6. T-mac wtf are you talking bout y'all constantly make excuses for LeBron Lames. they put together a whole super NBA league for Jordan and y'all cry for LeBron over one super team I love kD over LeBron all day

  7. Parker, ginobli, Duncan and kawhi had to join forces to beat LeBron. JJ BAREA, kidd, Terry and Dirk had to join forces to beat LeBron……………. oh wait, most of those guys where together before LeBron went to Miami lol.

  8. nah,its a hard to beat miami with wade and bosh,same thing hppen to cavs..its hard to beat them when they got kyrie and kevin,there is a reason for durant to join a super team..

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