Stephen A. on Seahawks postponing Colin Kaepernick’s visit: ‘I’m not surprised’ | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman agree that Colin Kaepernick will not find work in the NFL because owners are afraid of his effect on their bottom line.

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  1. how is it that guy silently protesting is getting so much shit for protesting. its his right, and if this were Vietnam times nobody would have anything to say about someone who is NONVIOLENTLY PROTESTING we live in such a stupid over politicized times

  2. The military are dummies who couldnt make it to college just like the police. They arent honorable people and they fight in wars so the elite can steal oil and other resources. It has nothing to do with our freedom. Stop watching Fox News.

  3. Every time kellerman speaks about politics I puke in my mouth, he doesn't deserve to live in America. Go anywhere else and see how you like it there if you hate your country so much

  4. Colin has the right to kneel but at the same time NFL teams have the right to not approve of his actions. It’s just like any other job on this planet. We all have freedom to do whatever we want but we have to suffer the consequences of our actions

  5. Hawks are trash that's just the reality they don't even know how to pick up talent or build an organization as is. They ran Beast mode out, disassembled LOB, let one of the best FG kickers in the league go, let Russ played injured enough to where he is a shell of his former self while not even getting an O line decent enough to protect him so he is progressively on the decline….allowed 2 of their top receivers leave all in the span of about 4 years and had the balls to say "this is the best we have ever been"

    This is from someone who lives in seattle. such a disappointment how a dynasty crumbled.

  6. They had no problem kneeling against Trump but it’s a problem when he kneeling for ppl of color to receive fair treatment ???fuck these bitch ass owners and bitch ass racists

  7. Kap brings unwanted attention and negativity with him, he's bad news rightly or wrongly. Yes he's a decent QB in a particular system but i wouldn't put him in top 16. He's a pampered multi-Millionaire who needs to get a grip, stop with the politics and play ball he's not MLK.

  8. So an employer doesn’t have the right to ask an employee what kind of behavior he’ll exhibit in the workplace? And second of all the NFL is a business. Colin Kaepernick kneeling for the National Anthem will kill the nfl ratings.

  9. NFL is a business they lost so much money and sponsors just because of what he did and still trying to give him a chance and he’s still trying to keep it personal

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