Stephen A. on Damian Lillard after Game 2 loss: He’s been ‘completely shut down’ | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Stephen A. Smith says Damian Lillard has been “completely shut down” after the Portland Trail Blazers fell to 2-0 against the New Orleans Pelicans in the first round of the NBA playoffs.

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  1. This is the Blazers front office fault. They have a scrub roster outside of 3 players. The Pelicans meanwhile add Mirotic and Rondo during the season to make up for boogie.

  2. The way Stephen A starts sucking one's cock before he starts talking shit is just unreal… I fucking hate this pussy who has to lube up his shit talk before he actually does it.

  3. Trailblazers are overrated. They depend on 3 pointers too much and they have the weakest front court in the West. Aminu, Turner, and Harkness are weak af and are bench players at best.

  4. This the ultimate recurring
    nightmare for the Portland
    Blazers!The idiotic pick
    in 1971,choosing an injury-prone Bowie over Michael Jordan,…passing over Durant,
    in favor of another injury-prone center; And now,your best max player is being exposed !!!GO Lakers ‘

  5. Every1 please understand Jrue is a great defensive player easy top 5 for a guard and he can score 1st pass 2nd now with Rondo there so it will be a wrap lol. If he goes back to his Philly day before injury smh pack it up Portland no bull and last night it definitely looked like the Jrue were all used to.

  6. If Dame and CJ doesn't turn this around (worst case get swept), i hope he will then finally stop whining about not getting enough attention/credit as a top PG. Because he is looking like a player for the regular season only, being too predictable in the playoffs when defenses can lock him up for his ISO style.

  7. Dame lillard is ..Rich Bitch! I see there is a lot of internet thugs and Zero Athletes making comments. Two bad games and you cowards are quick to talk shit, ya'll ho's are something else.

  8. Dame has that dog in him. I believe he will show up after this!
    holiday is cold don't get me wrong he has game. I think unfortunately
    even tho I think dame will improve I don't see them winning the series. lol

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