Stephen A. not convincing Max James Harden is NBA MVP despite Game 1 performance | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Stephen A. Smith is not convincing Max Kellerman that James Harden is the NBA MVP, despite his performance in the Houston Rockets’ Game 1 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves.

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  1. Harden could work on not travelling every time he touches the ball, we might consider him top 5 in the world if he didn't cheat the rules to make it seem like he's unreal, in reality he's slow and less athletic than most in the association but shoots well

  2. I’m a huge okc fan so I kinda dislike the rockets especially their retarded fans who think harden should have won mvp last season….but with all that said harden is hands down the mvp this season and he better win it unanimously like the timberwolves could not stop him last night no matter what they tried to do harden was just doing whatever he wanted

  3. This is just one game Stephen A. relax… the playoffs are gonna be a long and torrid road to get that chip. This means nothing in the bigger scope until he wins it all.

  4. That game would have been huge for the twolves. But now I doubt if they will ever get as good of as opportunity. The rockets as a team didn’t make a lot of 3s, but I’ll give harden credit he closed the shit outta the game

  5. LeBron is the "Most Valuable player " if you take harden off the rockets they still make the playoffs you take LeBron off of Cavs "this year" they don't win 35 games! James harden is having a great season but LeBron leads him in reb assist blocks steals fg% 3pt% plus Cavs all around team is no where near as good as the rockets all around team!!!!!!

  6. Harden isn't getting away with a travel. It's because of his gather that he looks like he is traveling, but if you know anything about basketball, you know this is not the case.

  7. Imo the "LeBron could be MVP every year if it were actually the MVP" ended this year. From the 08/09 season and onward he could have won it every year and it would have been okay. Aside from Curry's MVP during the 73-9 Warriors run.

  8. The disrespect. James Harden is the Kia MVP of this year. He should be. Best record in the NBA and leading scorer. He also had a solid above average defensive year, but casual fans will still think he is one of the worst defenders in the league.

  9. Maybe max is confused we’re talking about the Kia mvp not shaqtin a fool mvp. Harden gets Kia mvp and LeBron gets shaqtin and it’s not even close to being debatable

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