Stephen A. laughs at Max’s take, goes on rant about LeBron James’ greatness | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Stephen A. Smith laughs at Max Kellerman’s take on LeBron James, and goes on a rant about his greatness.

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  1. Without specifically saying it, Stephen a. is killing the "lebron makes his teammates better" myth. I never knew where that nonsense came from to begin with. Stats and game film will show clearly he makes nobody better, and every player he plays with does better elsewhere.

  2. Lebron doesn’t make players better. He’s more of a Westbrook type of facilitator. Players don’t elevate around lebron. They ADAPT to his style whether it hinders them or not.

  3. Max you're a moron. Even Lebron's own teammates have called him out for trying desperately to goose his stats. I saw him rip a rebound out of Love's hands the other night just to make sure he got it, or holding the ball extra long to make sure you get the assist. Even commenting in his post game shows about how he lost assists when guys missed shots. You think he plays the most minutes in the NBA and regular season because that's a smart thing? He does that purely to improve his per game totals, anyone with a brain knows this.

  4. STFU SAS. U dont need to put up that soliloquy BS u have on this show bout LBJ coz what ur doing is just embarrasing!. Ur not putting it to praise but d opposite of it. U want to mock LBJ coz I guess ur not his type. Ur not a VIP to LBJ thats why. Ur just a reporter n nothing else to him. Anyways, ur mouth stinks n its too loud thast why many hates to listen to ur show. Pity for Max.

  5. Cavs need to start driving to the basket ore and stop settling for outside shots. The Cavs could have won every game against the celtics had Lebron just bullied his way to the basket on every play.

  6. Lebron has the pass mentality because he is scared of being blamed foor losing. Thats why he's never entered a dunk contest. He can't blame anyone else for his failure to win in a dunk contest. I like Lebron as a person more than MJ, Kobe, Kareem, Shaq, Tim Duncan, all of those guys had better championship careers than Lebron. All of those guys had that killer and wasn't scared to take blame for defeat. Everybody ain't born with that killer instinct. Stop making g excuses for Lebron and trying to make him greater than he really is. At this point in his career he is not top 5

  7. There is no other player where so many people are on his nut savk like Lebron James. He is the greatest of his generation and top 5 dead or alive. Go one show without saying Lebron.

  8. If LBJ doesn’t get the stats, then who would? The entire Cavs is an embarrassment to the NBA. Without James, the only stats the Cavs got were the top 3 in the lottery in June.

  9. Max is saying the opposite of reality. I've seen Born try to tackle Kevin Love for a rebound when they are the only ones going for it. He'd get a foul called if Love wasn't on his team. That man loves to get his numbers.

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