Stephen A. defends LeBron James: He doesn’t deserve to be judged before playoffs | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith defends LeBron James and says he doesn’t deserve to be judged before the NBA playoffs.

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  1. This year finals will be the greatest finals of all time. LeBron will average a triple-double once again, but this time take the W @Oracle for the second time. I don't bout yall, but 3-0 in game 7's Is better than 6-0. LeBron > Jordan.

  2. LeBron Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant are the only three players who i can say with a straight face that should never be judged during the regular season i mean LeBron has been to 8 straight NBA Finals im pretty sure he isnt worried about the Raptors or Boston and thats not a knock to either team but he has faced way harder teams with less talent than he has now to be honest the Hawks team in 2015 is better than this Raptors team is during the regular season they were better offensively and defensively and LeBron ran through them like it was nothing and i also think people are severely underestimating how important and a difference maker Kevin Love is in the Eastern Conference he is having his best season as a Cavalier in all categories and this is one of his best defensive years ever averaging 20 and 10 as the second option i just cant see any Eastern Conference team (this year) outscoring a playoff driven LeBron James team 4 out of 7 times

  3. I actually think we should look at what he does before the playoffs and appreciate the journey Lebron takes us on every year. I get that SAS is saying that we shouldn’t criticize him before April, but that mentality breeds a mindset that it’s only the end result that matters. Championship or bust. I think we should look at an entire body of work and not just finals records, because that’s unfair to the player

  4. True but the Cavs are playing terrible even when LeBron is carrying them on his back they still seem to fall apart defensively, I personally think Ty Lue is the problem and not having a legitimate 2nd option scorer as well but Klove will fill that void but I can’t see the Cavs going anywhere without Kyrie lmao

  5. SAS has become the ultimate bandwagon. “I’ll ride with the previous team/players that made the Finals until someone else wins.” Brilliant analysis. Also, stop talking about LeBron James every day in every video. There are lots of other good, interesting teams.

  6. I don’t get his obsessive love for lebron. Outside of that first Cleveland team he took to the finals lebron hasn’t carried a team through the playoffs. It’s the Ray Allen’s, dwades, Kyries that have shouldered a huge amount of the work. So if his team isn’t there and lebron can’t score 100pts and defend all positions damn right other teams should be the fav

  7. It is true that you cannot judge LeBron until the playoffs BUT he never had this level of disorganization in his team and this lower tier of talent since 2007. However, this does not negate the fact that LeBron is responsible for the deterioration of this team. He built it up by forcing the trade of #1 Cavs picks and having KLove with Kyrie. The Eastern Conference Playoffs will be hella interesting though.
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