Stephen A. can’t handle thought of LeBron James losing to Kyrie Irving this year | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Stephen A. Smith can’t handle the thought of LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers possibly losing to Kyrie Irving and the Boston Celtics in the NBA playoffs this year.

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  1. Well it's arguable. LeBron is still Lebron while Celtics is a much much different team and better than prev year. Personally i think The King will get past the Celtics. But it wont be easy. Maybe game 7 is needed.

  2. “Jordanesque” SAS CLEARLY has never seen LBJ play if he thinks LBJ hasn’t exceeded what MJ has done in a series.
    First player EVER to average a triple double in the finals
    Also first player EVER to lead BOTH teams in EVERY major statistical category in the Finals.
    Also he must have not remembered watching him take down Boston and the big 3 and dominate game 7
    Or what he did against the spurs in game 6 and 7
    Or the sweeps against hawks, raptors. He has the most playoff sweeps of all time.
    Jordan has a worse playoff win percentage don’t tell me Jordanesque, he is BETTER than MJ

  3. If LeBron puts together a phenomenal performance this playoffs and gets another ring, without a Big 3(or 4), with this bum ass bench he has, without a guard like Kyrie or DWade, and with Tristan Thompson's crackhead bum ass, you can't tell me that he isn't the greatest of all time. But I think if K-Love doesn't show up this playoffs, no matter what LeBron does he's taking an early exit.

  4. Stephen A. is entertaining as hell and he has somewhat reasonable views. It's for this reason that he's been my favorite sports analyst my entire life. Grew up watching him on ESPN as a kid and still watch him as an adult today

  5. The thing that these so called analyst never mentions with teams like GS , SA , & BOS is how great their team defensive is
    As a unit those three teams , and ive watched them closely
    Defends as one for at least 40 mins a night…their pick and roll defense low post stunt defense is something to watch

    CLE doesnt defend well and possibly can lose depending how the refs decide to call the games

  6. He can not or he can listen u 2 smart fucks Lebron is da best ever and celtics are the better team cause they united and the KEY factor here and the most important they got manager with brains and when u got working brains and ideas u know u are good still hope King would fucked them straight but duno how 🙂 good luck

  7. Celtics will not only BEAT Cleveland…….They will beat Toronto as WELL……….Celtics will compete in the Finals this year…….Celtics Franchise's 18th Championship………18 in 18…….BELIEVE IT!!

  8. That would be so beautiful, if Kyrie defeated LeBron like that……
    LeBron is like the old male lion who’s gonna find out, that although he’s dominated everyone before, soon he’s going to get too old, and a young stud is going to rise up and take his place and take his crown from him……
    I honestly believe that will be Giannis Antetokounmpo or Ben Simmons though…..

  9. I don’t think Cavs are gonna lose to the Celtics this year, Celtics need more experience, however I think if they play it’s gonna be a close series purely because of the Celtics defense

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