Stephen A. calls fan who shoved defenseless Kyle Lowry a ‘punk’ | First Take

Stephen A. Smith, Stephen Jackson and Max Kellerman react to a Golden State Warriors fan shoving Kyle Lowry during Game 3 of the 2019 NBA Finals.
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  1. First of all let me explain something to everybody about the shoving incident between Lowery and the man thated shoved him.That shoving incident was nothing more than a person pissed off and extremely mad because the Warriors was being
    beat by the Raptors.And to make things even more complicated,and bring this to more of a realistic reality,I listened to Stephen
    call the man a punk and yes it was a punk move beyond a shadow of a though and a lot of individuals are spoiled rotten about
    the Worriors being so dominate over the past 4 or 5 years and losing is the worses thing they could swallow.The supremacy is
    over and it's about time for somebody else to take over the kings throne.

  2. ok according to Smith, Drake can say things to Warriors players right in front of their face but a random fan should be punished for spewing things to a Raptor player (taking apart the shove as they did) … talk about biased opinion

  3. No… i don't think it's like that… if a 250lb man flys into the seat next to you and you have slow reaction speed, you might be very scared and push that man away. Also.. Lowry straight up blasted the asian woman from the front row tow the second row. He didn't even save the ball and he most likely broke her collar bone. That old man did nothing with that light push. Drop this.

  4. Well said Stephen Brother. Here u have a white man , an affluent rich man , owner of Warriors who is making Billions out of Black players playing for him , but the veneer of civilization is very thin. At the first very chance the white man never hesitated to make offensive comments.

  5. this high emotional disrespect in sports and general is what sucks the most – as a true fan of the game you dont want to blame your opponent – win the fair way loose the fair way – and help your opponent up when he lays down- he is no enemy – because without a good opponent this thing means nothing

  6. Stephen A, you're the punk. Remember the Cowboys honoring the fallen Dallas Police and how you made juvenile jabs at it to bring in ratings because you're a rookie troll? Yeah, you're the fn punk.

  7. Okay. He definitely nudged Lowry, but then Lowry exaggerated it by motioning that he was pushed violently with 2 hands. Was it a big deal? Not really, but I understand why Lowry was pissed about it. It was a nudge, not an actual push. When I first heard about it, I had a feeling the situation was exaggerated and I was right. Nevertheless, he shouldn't have put his hands on Lowry so I understand the punishment. You don't have to agree with my opinion, but I call it the way it is.

  8. Coward, he knows the players can't do ish so he takes advantage. He would never ever try that ish in north Philly to a random 6 foot plus 200 plus pound black dude in public.

  9. Westbrick shoved a fan and then went to security acting like he was the victim and the fan got blamed LMFAOOO double standard huh

  10. This bullshit is sooooo trival and liberals and race hustlers are blowing it up. The man was punished and he apologized but that won't be enough for these people that focus on victimhood. A multimillionaire got lightly pushed after diving in the stands. Why are players diving on top of people anyway. It should be a barrier between the fans and players. You can't have it both ways.

  11. Don’t put your hands on people, but lowry almost took out his wife had she not jumped out of the way. Emotions come into play. That was not a push, maybe barely a nudge, but not a $500,000 nudge. I’m more interested in the words exchanged by both of them than that nudge being blown out of proportion by the media.

    It seems these commentators would rather talk about that nudge than steph’s possible greatest finals performance of all time. Had booggie not gotten swatted and not turned the ball over those three times, warriors might be up and that steph curry vs the world performance would have become something of legend. Essentially, steph and draymond plus a bunch of injured dudes kept the game close against a stacked all time defensive nba championship contender. They may have even won it if Kerr didn’t tell Steph not to play D. These raptors aren’t the rockets flopping. They should all play harder, in your face d now.


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