Stephen A. and Max react to Rockets defeating Warriors in Game 2 | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to the Houston Rockets defeating the Golden State Warriors in Game 2 of the Western Conference finals.

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  1. I mean Curry could've done better but he was the second best on his team. 3 more rebounds and 3 assist and he has a triple double. Everyone else looked like the Cavs out there (Excluding LeBron and Love)Where's the support!?!?

  2. rockets arent hungrier lmao. kd is gonna go down as a top 15 player of all time, they're teams gonna be a top 10 of all time. they know that n want to go down as one of the best teams in nba history. Do you really think kd is fine w 1 ring ? HELL NO. They've been in much tougher situations, its one game that everyone on the warriors didn't play like weve seen them play all seaon, n the rockets happen to catch fire. they're not gonna keep curry n klay at 24 points combined.

  3. Aww here they go with the enjury topic with Curry "Again".. Please just come to the fact that Steph is being out played by Chis Paul. It is "Very" Clear to see.. Think about it.. Curry is useually "hidden" the Rockets have him way out pass the 3 point line… just go watch the games there making him work

  4. Lol perfect? Nah. Rockets got punched in gm1. Rockets always respond well to a loss. They been doin that ALL season. Obviously so call "experts" didnt watch the rockets, but have an opinion that morons take as gospel…

  5. Rockets need to just swing the ball and stop relying on iso. It worked in the regular season but it won’t too often like game 1 in the playoffs. Houston can win this in game 7 if they just focus and commit to team ball.

  6. My goodness damn I can't wait until the warriors get put out!!!!!!!!!!! People make it seem like the warriors are going to win forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like there never going to lose… Please trust me on this when the rockets win another game…… The series is over!!!

  7. No they cant and won't.. They will lose both games at Golden State.. They need one more superstar to compete with Golden state 4 stars.. .. for 4 games…. LeBron is going to Houston next year

  8. Curry is my favorite player and that hasnt changed. He just had a bad game.
    And no, it isn't as bad as being reported.
    They shot 50% against him as the primary defender (not including his steals), which they shot 52% as a team.
    He shot like ~36%, and Harden shot ~37% (Harden gets more foul shots which inflates his point floor)
    He got put on skates a couple times. That's not surprising. Paul and Harden are two of the best ball-handlers in the league just like steph.

  9. Really hope the rockets wins. It’s bleak but I’m hoping. and yesterday shown that without harden the ball was moving way much better. Hope they keep it up that way and everyone just chips in and win this series

  10. I don't understand how Stephen A. can say that the Rockets played flawlessly and keep it up when Harden and CP had average/slightly below average games. Tucker may have been the one to step up this game but it can easily be someone else next game.

  11. Steph was 1 for 7 from 3-pts. That's your excuse, GS fans? Harden was 3 for 15 from 3-pts. The Rockets played Curry physically. They will continue to beat him and his bad leg up. D. Green and Iguodala have to catch fire for the Warriors to keep up.

  12. Also, i’ll be back when Rockets take game 3 to see what all these haters will have to say about that then. I swear people act like Rockets haven’t played like this all year.

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