Stephen A. and Max react to Cowboys releasing Dez Bryant | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to the Dallas Cowboys releasing Dez Bryant.

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  1. I wish just once I could see this racist piece of shit Stephanie Smith would tell one of us Dallas fans to our face that we are moronic, disgusting.. etc! he's just a big mouth, coward that talks shit from the safety of a studio surrounded by security guards!

  2. Imma be hunnid I like first take on almost all subject buts when it comes to football, “say what you want about me” I just can’t listen them after watching undisputed. Basketball I gotta come to Stephen a, but football both of them lack a intuitive knowledge about it. Most football topics I just don’t even watch because it’s pointless.

  3. The cowboys deliberately release Dez this LATE so he wouldn't be in the sweepstakes of a big money signing from another team, more or less they sabotage him. He needs to fire his current representation for not getting ahead and preventing something like this. At least they would have had the Cowboys on record saying what their intentions were just as Free Agency started.

  4. How is he getting paid to much? We all agree he might have lost a step but that puts him from elite to average and the elite make 16m a year, average make 12m a year which is what Dez was gonna make.

  5. dak is not that good of a thrower and dez is too old and can't separate. the combo was not going to work. I firmly believe jerry was not planning on drafting a qb at all that draft, but because of the eagles getting wentz he finally decided to when the 4th rd hit so he could say "hey i got a better qb 3 rds later".

  6. I don't think SAS understands that the cowboys being America's team fits as an analogy.
    America started becoming a world power and held it for a short time. like other great powers through out history America is on the decline and barely holding on to Great power status. Large military but lacks in other areas like education and respect from other countries.
    Cowboys were a good team and became a great dominate force for a short time. Now has been on the decline as they cant quite reach the heights that they had became accustom to, some years are better then others but still no peak.
    The only thing that throws the wrench in the comparison is that America doesn't have another country that is as much as a force close to what the patriots have done running a muck. unless you count ISIS but out of actual countries all of the "world powers" have declined at one point or another.
    I guess if you only count those 2 teams you could say Cowboys are Rome's team and Patriots are the Ottoman's team. Both large powers that at their peaks reined supreme. This last part was just fun to say while having no point in the comment but had to say it.

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