Stephen A. and Max debate if Raptors or Cavaliers need win more | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman debate if the Toronto Raptors or the Cleveland Cavaliers need a win more heading into their matchup.

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  1. Well if raptors win people are gonna say '' It's just regular season'' '' They can't do that in Playoffs''
    And if the cavs win the narrative will be '' Raps are already in playoff form ''
    So who actually gives a fuck when 90% of the NBA is against the Raptors?

  2. This a sad debate, they didn't argue, make any jokes, they didn't even contradict each other, they just went with different teams for skewed different reasons, where is the debate first take

  3. LEBRON JAMES: "Let's end this here and now. I play for the Cavaliers and you play for the Raptors. Turn-around jumper, fade-away, 3-point shot, pump fake, slam dunk, choose your weapons, and let's end this here and now."
    DEMAR DEROZAN: "If we do it your way, "King", you'd win. We're not doing it your way."

  4. When was there EVER talk about MJ avoiding teams come playoff time? LOL Never! Didn't matter what seed. You feared the Bulls. I feel like every year LeBron positions himself to avoid the worst possible road to the Finals.

  5. Im just saying. 4:10 this man calls out Satoransky for saying the Wiz would rather not face Bron, when Dario Saric said the same exact thing in a post game interview for the sixers

  6. Dario Saric on the 76ers was on record saying he didn't want to face lebron in the playoffs but everyone else was welcome. Satoransky probably won't be the main pg playing in the playoffs anyway since wall is returning.

  7. This game is more important to the Raptors than it is the Cavs but SAS knows that and has to disagree for "good tv". The Cavs are out of the running for the 1 seed. The Raptors can still lose it and imo they NEED it going into the Playoffs. If they got homecourt throughout the entire East, they have a fair shot at going to the Finals in my honest opinion. Also, if they keep the 1 seed it means they won't have to face Boston OR Cleveland, and those 2 teams will likely see each other in round 2 giving the Raptors a big break. Keep in mind that's only if Cleveland keeps the 3 seed. If they lose tonight while Philly likely wins(Philly plays Brooklyn tonight), then CLE and Philly swap spots in the standings, for now, with only a few games left in the season. This game means a lot more to the Raptors than it does the Cavs. If the Raptors win tonight it's a high chance they hold onto the 1 seed. If they lose, I'm not so sure we keep it. Boston also plays Milwaukee tonight and with their injuries I don't think it'll be an easy win for them. As a Raptors fan I'm obviously hoping for best case scenario right now which would be Raps win, Nets win, Milwaukee win. But how do I really think it'll play out? Cavs win, Philly wins, Celtics win. We'll see tonight anyway!

  8. max got a point. if raptors going against cavs, they need to skip iso derozan agains Lebron, they need to pass more, because its will damaged them mentaly, Raptors are better team but Lebron is the greatest player in both teams.
    but i hope that raptors prove that they are can show what can they do in the playoffs, beacuse, somehow they always choke in playoffs even tho they great at regular season.

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