Steph Curry 'showed up huge' in Warriors' Game 5 win vs. Raptors — Skip Bayless | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss the Golden State Warriors staying alive and winning Game 5 against the Toronto Raptors. Hear why Skip credits the early presence of Kevin Durant as well as the level of play from Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.

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Steph Curry ‘showed up huge’ in Warriors’ Game 5 win vs. Raptors — Skip Bayless | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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  1. Steph averages like the 7th most points in Finals history, but every day I have to read this foolishness that Steph isn’t good in the Finals. I get it, he had a bad game 7 in 2016. Next…

  2. This is what makes the KD injury even more deflating. He gave the dubs a game with his valiant effort but with the warriors team returning to normal finals structure again with Durant out, we’ve seen them fall to the raps three times this series. Toronto is going to defend klay and Steph way more aggressive at the top of the key now with Durant gone and cousins still can’t guard the pick and roll any better. As long as the raptors don’t beat themselves like they did in the third quarter of game two and the later stages of game five…. they’re still gonna win this series.

  3. bro the timeout to disrupt the rhythm, kawhi taking a dumb three when game is tied instead of an easier bucket, no timeout when they get the ball back at 15 seconds. Omg the stress i experienced last night!!!!

  4. Kd is always open . Can get his shot whenever . He shot right over kawhi. HAd the raptors played siakam and serge instead of gasol and green down the stretch they may have won . They cause problems for GSW when they play together

  5. KD shouldn't have been in that game, GSW, shame on you!!! The league should look into this kinda thing, and STOP IT!!! This is the worst move I have ever seen (decision wise) GSW should be investigated for this….

  6. This would have been such a better series if the warriors were healthy. Kinda sucks because I wanted this finals matchup from the beginning of the season. If Kawhi stays in Toronto and KD stays in the bay we may just get the same dynamic the cavs and dubs had where it’s just the two of them for the next 4 years.

  7. But again. Even with KD, Raptors have been consistently outplaying the Warriors. A couple of cold stretches for a couple of minutes gave the Warriors 2 games

  8. Why is shannon calling what Kawhi almost did "lebron like"? I NEVER saw lebron do anything close to that 10 point surge back to back to back like Kawhi put on in the 4th

  9. How is no one mentioning the calls that raptors got? they have 21 FT's at the half I think it was like 30+ ft vs 11 FT's. They Refs whether bias or not kept Raptors in the game. KL was 9/24 !!!

  10. love how skip roasts kawhi for not becoming superman in the 4th, but when he scores 10 in a row he ignores that and cuts it down to 'last 3 minutes' so next game when kawhi goes off until the last 2 mins skip will say 'the last 2 minutes no2 didnt make a shot'

  11. Klay and KD in the 1st is the reason this team won. Everyone else was trying to give the game to the raptors. Curry back court violations. Donkey's (Draymond) awful 3 point shooting. Cousins got points but made bad choices when the game was close. Klay was the only one who did his job and did it well. Everyone else needs to get a grip. Livingston straight up sucked koala balls. Iggy could've shot better


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