Steph Curry punched a wall, felt guilty about Klay, KD's injuries – Marc Spears | First Take

Marc J. Spears reports on Steph Curry’s frustration following the Golden State Warriors’ Game 6 loss to the Toronto Raptors in the 2019 NBA Finals, saying Curry struck a wall while feeling guilty about Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson’s injuries.
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  1. Max needs to find a new joke or start making payments now on false teeth. You keep insulting a guy and don't be surprised when you get your teeth knocked out. It's not informative. Anyone remember Jim Rome balled up like a frightened girl whenever Jim Everett was on his show. Steph Curry slapped Westbrook in the mouth twice on the same play and took two foul calls for talking foolishness. Max you still have potential but don't be surprised when you wake up with the fool slapped out of you in the middle of next week. Put some respect on the polite ones. And remember hammer is a Steph fan. You definitely don't want to upset MC Hammer.

  2. Why would Steven A say Steph Curry average 30 but look how he got his dirty he shot poorly from 3 and basically shot pedestrian from the field but he was outstanding from the free throw line you take away his free-throw attempts and he was basically had a mediocre series

  3. I would rather see them loose by 1 pt with Steph missing a 3pt shot then them going to Toronto and getting blown out by 20 because they would have had no bodies and Jacob Evans would be taking Klay's spot.

  4. hilarious that as soon as steph gets criticized, all these espn dudes put their capes on…spears, stephen a, etc. dude shot 41% from the field, 34% from 3…was 6 for 17 in g2 they won, and 10 for 23 in g5 that they won. klay was waaaaaaaay better than steph in these finals.

    also hilarious that when steph avgs 30 a game on 41/34 shooting, all we hear is he had a great series, but when russ avg'd 30 a game on 40/36 shooting vs utah, all we heard was he lost the series for okc. glad to hear them say he's not in the convo for best player in the league though, about time someone realized that he's been propped up by playing alongside elite defensive talent this entire run

  5. Why is Curry getting a pass? That awful brick on a clearly open look wasn't his only blunder. Guy has a track record… few plays before trips on his own feet and gets bailed out by the refs. OT game against Portland, unforced travel (turnover) caused game to go into OT – luckily (the same thing Curry's whole career) getting saved by someone else (Draymond Green monster OT plays); Houston Rockets Game 3 this year as well – unforced missed wide-open dunk with about 30 secs left seals Rockets' victory. All these massive blunders at key moments JUST FROM THESE PLAY-OFFS. God and that 2016 Game 7 performance in the final few minutes – ices the Cavs victory with a horrible behind the back pass that was unnecessary and goes straight out of bounds.

  6. Let's get that Unanimous Assassin plus Splash brother's minus Kevin Durrant… Get that bench back to where it needs to be & Curry will lead as the old Curry did! Need I say bulls record broken

  7. "Never seen these injuries in finals history" I guess LeBron playing with a pencil sharpener and a beluga whale in the 2015 Finals never happened. Stop babying these trash ass Warriors. Sorry injuries happen deal with it you fucking drama queens.

  8. Curry will be EXPOSED next year. No Klay to hide him. All the PG's will be eating his lunch and this will be his worst shooting year. Toronto gave the blueprint to simply just deny Steph the ball and stretch the defense.

  9. How in the hell did they think he had a great shot. He caught the ball in though it up. With three people on him. N yes 0 for eight because they knew he was going to shoot every time. But out of the three commentator who has ever been in that Situation


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