Moments ago at Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, IBF & WBA heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua kept his undefeated record intact and added the WBO title to his trophy case, defeating former champion Joseph Parker via unanimous decision. Check out the scene immediately after the fight as both fighters and those in attendance reacted to the performance.


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  1. I guess we should all just be happy the right guy won. And also…I have maybe seen fights that were refereed worse than this, but not many.

    Literally the last 10 seconds of the FINAL ROUND consumed by the ref's garbage. Fire him. Never hire him to ref another fight. He's incompetent.

  2. What fucking fight was he watching? AJ didn't control the distance, timing of his jab was off,smuthering his own punches, he couldn't catch Parker's rhythm, right hand is too slow even I can see it coming. No way Parker would last 6 rounds with Wilder. It was a fucking WWE wrestling match.

  3. You Internet trolls chat rubbish! Loads of you talked up parker! He's amazingly quick etc! Look at his last 3 fights! Bum city! However, as well as Joshua controlled the fight behind the jab, his game plan became predictable. Parker read it but was too scared of getting knocked out! On the other hand, AJ actually showed me that he is slightly concerned about his chin! If he had got in their and really applied the pressure, yes he would of got hit more but trust me Parker was asking to get sparked out! This makes the Wilder fight really interesting. Wilder can not box so let's stop kidding ourselves! But that one punch is like THOR hammer! Probably AJ is not as confident about winning that fight, but for the boxing purest that's the fight he needs to cement his legacy! Last moan up;) WHO IS FED UP WITH FURY! WATCH HIS FIGHT WITH A UNFIT VLADIMIR! HE RABBIT PUNCH, QUICHE JAB AND RANOST THE FIGHT. HE TALKS AS IF HE HAD VLADIMIR ALL OVER THE PLACE! FURY SHUT UP AND FIGHT WHYTE OR WILDER! CHA

  4. good technical performance by AJ not explosive like klitschko fight but he did what he had to do to win, i think if he doesn't go in there and blow his opponent out ppl are disappointed but its deeper than that

  5. I saw it mate aj got stunned and Adam Smith and Carl froch didn't even mention it I suppose they both work for fast Eddie hearn (sky sports) haw the hell froch gave AJ the first 4 rounds is beyond me disappointed!!

  6. What pisses me off yeah, Wilder please don't fucking make no counter offers mate, no reverse split on rematch, no 50/50 horse shit, you're in no position to do so. Accept hearn's terms and hit the gym for fuck sake. What bastard cries for a fight but makes demands.

  7. Aj did not win this fight i watched it over and over even with a aj supporter who agreed he didnt win.
    Very suspect match the honest thing to do is a rematch with a different ref.

  8. Ref was crap, Parker got a raw deal tonight from the ref .. Fuck this £ 20 a pot for fixed fights . Aj probably won but it was close and stopping Parker from working inside give a.j an easier night. Rematch in neutral ground

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