FightHype.com was on hand in England where heavyweight contenders Dillian Whyte and Lucas Browne held the weigh-in leading up to their upcoming showdown. Check out what those in attendance had to say about the fight and much more.


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  1. Another AJ Fan delusional. AJ Don't want no smoke. Said it himself. Fans ignore that smfh. Fight will not happen because of excuses, money, mandatory etc. AJ has the heart of a coward how can a coward that doesn't want to fight win?

  2. Just like if Wilder catches Joshua like Klichko did, Joshua would be done. The difference in both scenarios is, Joshua hit the canvas and Wilder didn’t. They keep discrediting Wilder every chance they get, but you don’t see Joshua’s camp trying to make the fight happen. They keep talking about being an “A” list fighter. And Wilder being a “B” list fighter, but when was the last time you seen an “A” lister fighter, that holds two of the four top belts say he doesn’t want to be pushed too fast to face Wilder….It’s unheard of…. Joshua says he is the best in the world, but he wants to take his time….I call that a coward move and everyone knows it. I hope Parker destroys Joshua and Wilder never fights this coward. I wouldn’t entertain the fight at all. I would turn my focus towards Parker and unify the titles that way….Then after winning all the titles, I would release them so I wont have to deal with all the sanctions you have to deal with being a title wearing champion.

  3. The Black Panther wasnt scared even when his powers were stripped from him AJ The Duck aint build like that we all know that lol I luv how Wilders the bad guy for wanting to be GREAT!!!! History always tell the story ALWAYS!!!!! #BombZquad!!!

  4. If Joshua keeps going around talking about the "superior black race" and is the king of Wakanda, then maybe he should go back to his kingdom and leave the "inferior" white Man (and all the sciences that help him reach the level he's reached) alone???

    Seriously, they're slaughtering all the white people in South Africa (a place where white people built a beautiful nation). Over 100,000 have been massacred so far, in the most brutal and sadistic ways.

    So… Maybe Joshua could migrate there, and stop the place from going to ruin (just like Rhodesia did), as soon as the white farmers are Genocided or forced to flee. It would be a real challenge, but if successful, Africans will finally have their first own successful civilisation? Joshua could really lead and inspire those superior people!

  5. This guy is talking shit did Anthony Joshua finish grandpa klitschko after he knock him down no right after Anthony Joshua knock down grandpa klitschko got up and almost knock down Anthony Joshua so get serious

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