Speed Shopping with Guillermo & Usain Bolt – Sponsored by Sam's Club

As you know holiday shopping can take forever. Luckily our friends at Sam’s Club came up with a way to make shopping faster than ever before. Sponsored by …

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  1. The big problem with "self-checkouts" is that you task non-employees to act as employees; and you can't reasonably punish a non-employee for being bad at scanning their own items, let alone if the machine doesn't successfully scan the first time. Long story short? You're going to have a lot of unintentional shortage that you can't reasonably track, and you're going to have annoyed customers. And what are you going to do when someone intentionally abuses the system? When they buy two gallons of milk, but intentionally only scans one of them?
    "Oops, I thought it scanned" seems like an ironclad defense; if it wasn't you're threatening to throw customers in jail for technical difficulties.

  2. Is this a spoof of the coming Joshua vs Ruiz fight? Joshua is going to lose, that's for sure. Ruiz has too many beer ( Cerveza, Tecate) and Tequila endorsement money lined up to lose this fight.


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