Slim 400: I Stayed on Main Streets After Getting Shot at 19, No More Alleys (Part 3)

Part 4:
Part 2:
Part 1:
Slim 400 opened up to VladTV about what changed in his life after his first shooting, revealing that he stopped going through different neighborhoods to take shortcuts. He added that he started taking rap serious after his cousin passed away, adding it was his childhood friend, rapper Young Life, that opened his eyes to the hip hop world.

To hear more, including Slim 400 speaking on why Nipsey was a blessing to L.A., hit the above clip.

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  1. I understand him holdin bck on the Eric holder question kuz he didn want 2 offend the 6 owes…kuz dude Was from 60's an slim couldn make it seem like he was dissin the 60's when he only wants 2 just diss Eric so he had 2 b politically correct by him being a blood speakin on crip politics.

  2. Vlad is gonna start having flashbacks that haven’t happened yet

    “I had a version of you in the future actually talk about how you were gonna get shot”

    “Oh word?”

    “Yea man”

    *flash forward

    “Yea so my past self he ain’t goin listen and he finna be in an alley and get shot despite knowing he shouldn’t

    “Yea man I tried to tell him”

  3. Off the rip my dude just gave us the cheat code of staying safe in L.A(staying on mainstreets/no backroads) lol.Excluding redlights I assume though(don't care what city you in, red lights and stops signs can definitely cause you to get jammed up lol)

  4. Also I ain't know you could get off easy with a gun in Cali,that was part of the reason I didn't want to move out there(coming from Florida,the gun laws are literally apples to oranges lol).Still not whats up but I was just so sure they were gonna make you a felon if you got caught with a gun.


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