Slim 400: I Left the Hospital in 15 Days After Getting Shot 9 Times & Having 4 Surgeries (Part 6)

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Slim 400 spoke about waking up out of being unconscious in the hospital after being shot. Slim said he was happy he was alive, and felt like he had another chance at life. He noted he was angry inside, but said it was a part of God’s plan. From there, he detailed what it was like when his daughter came to see him in the hospital. Slim noted that he thought about doing better as a dad, with his thought being that he can’t keep putting his daughter through these situations.

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  1. I’ve been on dialysis for real, for 8 years every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 4 hours! And I’m 27! I started having kidney failure issues when I was 10! Like I get it sucks, but really… it’s not THAT bad! Especially (I’m assuming here) but compared to getting shot 9 times? Like Idk what I would rather have! Shot 9 times and I know I’m gonna live, or be on Dialysis (On and off) for my life and I know I’ll die sooner than most! Probably getting shot 9 times (If I knew I was going to live!) lol

  2. Swear a lot of these new cats Vlad interviews can barely talk like mumblin n shit but this guy i can understand just fine. I wonder if hes a retard mumble rapper? I guess i should have heard his music since I'm watching mad parts of his interview but i haven't. EDIT: Just heard Straight up Bompton. Pleasantly surprised. Not retard mumble rap at all.

  3. Okay Vlad…let the adults snitch and be storytellers but don't be bringing kids into something like this. Did they catch his shooters? If they didn't you tryin to get that kid snatched up or something. %$^& You Officer Vlad.

  4. Why is this glorified why not bring someone up there who can read 9 books in 15 mins and fully understand and interpret those books on a Nikola Tesla level and can teach the younger generation that skill lets push for that type of interviews

  5. Wtf is wrong with you man?!!! You're asking this man to put his daughter on camera. There's nothing you can ever say to justify that of what you have just said!!!!!! This is a new low point for you!!!


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