SKY SPORTS’ SMITH TELLS ALL ON WILDER NO-SHOW & JOSHUA RING REFUSAL: “JOSHUA WAS FUNNY…I’M UPSET” was on hand in Cardiff, Wales where undefeated IBF & WBA heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua and undefeated WBO heavyweight champion Joseph Parker are hours away from stepping into the ring for their highly-anticipated unification showdown. Check out the scene as those in attendance talked about the fight and much more.


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  1. Uk boxing fans are the most delusional fucks in existance. They say Wilder is scared when Joshua is stopping him from getting in the ring and hyping the fight that joshua is avoiding. And then they say he is scared of whyte, who joshua knocked out, but Wilder wants JOSHUA not his left overs who hasnt even fought anybody. Let Whyte fight ORTIZ IF HE IS TOUGH. AND LET WILDER FIGHT JOSHUA. YOU UK MORONS ARE DEFENDING DUCKING IN THE GREAT SPORT OF BOXING???

  2. Wilder fans are hilarious, they only hear what they want to hear. I can't believe everyone is buying this shit. They're selling AJ v Wilder very well, I hope it's not a dull affair when it finally happens.

  3. Nice video ! AJ fans all of a sudden have selective hearing. Lmao and I'm glad he touched bases on the US having more sports ppl are interested in. It's not like wilder is unknown he just doesn't get the shine his team should provide for him i.e. social media if America was a 1 or 2 sport country it be a whole lot different.

  4. Why isn't Wilder more well known in the States because he is a best fighter in the States.
    Who would want to watch Mayweather – who was probably not in the top 500 best fighters – rather than the best: Wilder.
    Would anyone pay to see the 500th best tennis or golfer?
    No, they wouldn't, so why make Mayweather a multi-millionaire?
    How long would Mayweather last against Wilder with Wilder only using one arm?

  5. Im a massive AJ fan, but he looked flat against Parker tonight. I'm glad he won, and he did deserve the belt as Parker was poor. All that said, for the first time I am genuinely worried that Wilder has the beating of AJ. I think AJ is a much better technical boxer, but Wilder has that steely ferocious eye of the tiger, and he just seems more hungry for it. Skill can take you so far, but its heart and fire that wins fights, and Wilder currently has more of that than any boxer.

  6. AJ wanted the deal to be signed or at least a verbal agreement.Aj posted it live when he rang Eddie yo wilder shouting a lot has his people been intouch eh no so what does that tell you.AJ just signs any fight deal.I think there Wilders people are messing him about

  7. I hate the way Booth says ''WE'' Booth is an average commentator most of the time he talks nonsense and is nothing but an employee of SKY a paid up bitch who they will dump like they have most of them but he talks like he runs SKY boxing and makes it happen between them and matchroom, slantiy shouldered prick!!!

  8. Boxing is huge in the United States. I live here I know. But the heavyweight division is horrible right now. American love combat sports we always have. If boxing wasn’t big in the U.S. why are there more British fighters fighting in the American market than American fighters fighting in the British market. Not to say the American market is better I’m just saying that boxing is big here and Deontay Wilder has a fan base.

  9. Yo.. guy y'all got the wrong vibe about wilder. He is very know in the usa. I don't know where y'all are getting that shit from my friend. who in fuck did y'all ask in new York little kids. Wilder is known about the same as Joshua dude. y'all need to get that shit straight right now dude. and why y'all trying to get wilder to fight dillian whyte. why come Joshua won't fight ortiz.

  10. yeah right to all this BS. last thing AJ, AJ's crew and Hearn wants is a Wilder fight. the last thing. no wilder fight they keep on collecting UK fan's cash. get fucking real and tell this BS to the British fan who'll believe it.

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