Skippa Da Flippa on Celebrating His 18th Bday in Jail: That's the Lamest Part of My Life (Part 3)

Part 2:
Part 1:
Skippa Da Flippa spoke on spending his 18th birthday in jail. He noted that once he got out of jail, he stayed in the streets but eventually slowed down but the time he turned 25. From there, Skippa spoke about knowing Quavo from an early age and seeing Quavo and Takeoff begin to rap.

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  1. Yeah I'm getting old asf !! I just scrolled by and saw this shit , and without even watching the video I just came to the comment section to ask …. WHO THE FUCK IS THIS CLOWN ?!! I'm so bad I don't want anyone to tell me , who he is , it's completely rhetorical , I just want people I know and like . I don't know him I don't like the thumbnail , get the fuck outta my recommendation bitch !

  2. Nigga think its weird to have started rapping at 7? That's just a testament to why these niggas music be so trash. They not no real rappers or fans of music. I started buying albums in the 4th grade, tryna rap behind No Limit and shit.


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