Skip Bayless on DiVincenzo, Villanova crushing Michigan for 2nd NCAA title | UNDISPUTED

In their reaction to Villanova dominating the Michigan Wolverines to win the 2018 Men’s NCAA basketball title, Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss Donte DiVincenzo’s performance in title win. Plus, Skip explains why he thinks DiVincenzo has more NBA ability than Oklahoma’s Trae Young.

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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe,
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Skip Bayless on DiVincenzo, Villanova crushing Michigan for 2nd NCAA title | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


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  1. It is about being white unfortunately. NBA owners follow stupid patterns that are not always valid. Jimmer Fredette, Adam Morrison, Doug McDermott, etc are the reason. When a transcendent white backcourt player comes along owners will go in a frenzy looking for similar talent. It’s a copy cat league, sad to say. There are good white backcourt players for sure, it’s a shame.

  2. Maybe the white Americans just aren't as good? Black players are naturally more athletic and stronger so mostly they have that to lean on in the beginning and then they work on their skills. Euro players work more on their skills which I believe is why you see like Doncic who is a projected lottery pick cause he can shoot and has tremendous handles. Idk like American players are more inclined to be shooters or passers from what I have seen.

  3. Villanova played amazing basketball yesterday i was impressed the whole tournament. I'd draft DiVincenzo in the first round for sure.
    P.S. the NCAA tournament is better than the NBA playoffs, more physical, more competitive, players don't flop or cry for fouls, refs let the kids play, crowd is better, etc etc.

  4. He was a beast…
    First he is 6th men, he does lot a dirty works like rebound defense etc.. Yesterday I saw the new role, backup PG.. Nova had PG on the field when Brunson had foul trouble 1st and 2nd half, but Nova gave Donte the ball and things went really smooth..

    This guy is 6 tool players, TEAM Player, he starts in bench 1st and 2nd half except yesterday.. Can do anything what coach ask for..

    Hope he end up Sixers just because Philly fans want him and they need player like him.. I can see fan club establish very soon!!

  5. Skip, y'all selling him short. He white, but this dude got handle, hops, a jimmy. Never seen a white kid this much athletic ability, even in the nba. This dude got swag too. He kinda reminds me of JR Smith.

  6. Skip is right, it's cause he's white, because in recent nba history white guards haven't been too succesfull and that's what i hate about racial profiling black or white, rather than just looking at an individual, people look at the odds regarding his or hers race in all aspects of life

  7. This is wayyyy prisoner of the moment. DiVicenzo is a really really good college player and played an all time great game. He isn’t gonna be a better pro than Collin Sexton, and the entire NBA knows it. You can tell these guys haven’t watched college ball all year

  8. Haha ol 20/20 hindsight. I've NEVER heard Skip mention this dudes name now hes saying hes got more ability than Trey Young and every time he watched him, he jumped off his TV at him….

  9. I want to give Skip Bayless a friggin salute. If politics were like sports racism would have been a thing of the past. I loved how they joked and made light of a glaringly obvious thing… American basketball as it is currently played is dominated by people of color, blacks, African American, or what ever you want to use. Skip said the reason Villanova's DiVincenso seems to not get as much press is because… HE IS "WHITE AMERICAN". Imagine how great America would be if we all just sat down and admitted to certain things. Like inner cities are targetted more by police because of crime rates but those areas have more minorities. Or things like we can't get an ideal gun control reform because the NRA and others who love their guns want to exercise their right to own one, but we continue to have massive killings involving innocent people. If we could just be open about things and just call them like we see them half of the mess we endure on an everyday basis would dissipate. Mr. Skip Bayless I salute you in your daring navigation and hope people do not give you backlash for stating something that is onviously true. Also also LeBron James will go down as the greatest ever #walkinggreekmyth #Lebronium(Cowherd)

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