Skinnyfromthe9 on $5M Deal with L.A. Reid, Pulling Up to Old School in Lambo (Part 3)

Watch Part 2:
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Skinnyfromthe9 spoke to VladTV about signing a $5 million deal with L.A. Reid’s new Hitco label and being given a $1 million advance.
Skinny explained that he was finally able to do music videos and feel like he had a machine behind him after signing with Reid, who vowed to make him a star. 

To hear more, including Skinny rolling up to his old school in a Lambo, hit the above clip.


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  1. This nigga vlad smh a million won’t last you the rest of your life? Bra… u can literally buy a house in Michigan for 25k in cash and live a moderate lifestyle off 1 mill for sure.

  2. Shiiid i think I'd rather be a police officer lawyer or doctor fam. That street life only got me a name in the hood. It didn't provide a roof over my head but it did start alot of problems envy jealousy & greed.

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