Sinead O’Connor Told Cops Prince Did Hard Drugs and Beat Women | TMZ

Sinead O’Connor told police Prince was a violent man who flew into drug-fueled rages against women, including herself.


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  1. Prince beating women and being a drug addict? Bullshit, why say this after he died and where are these women he beat up, why didn't they file charges?

  2. Can't trust a damn thing she say…smh, everybody knows she locked herself in a motel ok not a hotel kinda nice but a dirty motel because she has "mental issues". Before prince died btw

  3. Now we hear this, she seems to be much bigger than him how scary could he have been and if she were so afraid of his drug fueled rages…. did she stay because she wanted the fame? foh

  4. Omg when will ppl in the U.S. finally be done with this crazy no talented biotch??? Here in America we should never let that nut job come back over here ever! How dare her if prince hadn't given that nut that fantastic song she would have been looking for change for a pk a smokes on the city bus in her country. I'm sorry but I have hated that woman since she was here on SNL where she proceeded to tear up a picture of the pope on live fricken television for gods sake!!!!. Please no one try to make excuses for her and saying to me well she has mental health issues cuz frankly I don't care trust me!!!!
    If she's that screwed in the head put her ass away under lock and key cuz maybe then we can finally be done with this skank!. Ya know they said Charles Manson was a nut too and you see where that turd died….right. Well is everybody going to keep letting this bitch loose on the public and hope she don't kill somebody? I mean she turned on Dr. Phil after his ass tried to help her as well…please let some other country try to help that snake and let us here just call it a wash and please finally be done with her, I mean surely they find her an embarrassment there as well. That witch wasn't even good enough to lick the gunk off the bottoms of Prince's boots for Christ sake!!!!!!!

  5. Any woman, over 5'5", who gets beat down by a man 5' or shorter, deserves everything she gets. And I believe that about the Black Album. When I 1st heard it, I said this dude must be on drugs!!

  6. Back in the 80's Prince and Morris Day had a problem with cocaine and everybody in his circle knew this, Morris was so bad he had to go to rehab but people put singers and actors on such high pedestals and thinking that they cant do no wrong! they are human just like you and people have drug problems , we all know of one so stop acting like this man was angel!! he had issues and i could believe some of this story

  7. Prince was mad she turned one of his lesser songs into a #1 hit so he decided to lock her in his house and beat the crap out of her lol. Probably BS but it's possible……but why say it now when the man can't defend himself?

  8. She has nothing to gain by opening up. She has everything to lose eg. Getting a bunch of trolls using her mental health issues to bully and discredit her. I and everyone else here does not know exactly who prince was especially behind closed doors. We only saw his image yee fuckin idiots wake up. " like jimmy saville. Everyone thought he was the salt of the earth. He was beloved. But behind closed doors…so stfu trying to discredit and bully her. And btw, she wasnt airing what she knew out to the public. This was between her and a police officer (in confidence!). She wasnt trying to villify him to the public!. So why not do her the same courtesy. Bunch of ignorant bullys up in here.

  9. I loved TMZ and Harvey for many years and I love celebrity information as much as the next person and I found that even celebrities would talk more openly with these reporters when they didn't do that hardly with most other reporters out there so to say I'm disappointed with this contrived story from a woman who became infamous for doing vile things is an understatement!!! I think with your stellar career and I'm sure you're not having money issues why you just couldn't let someone else pick up this trash and run with it. I always hate it when I see famous ppl who I come to admire as well as I respect, do things either because they can't pass up the money or the chance to be even more famous for it. Too me the greater reward is in passing up on something that you can't even believe in. Thats called having integrity, something TMZ used to have. I see where this can totally backfire on you TMZ, because running stories like this will only make more and more celebrities mistrust you and will start to ovoid you like they do with so many other trash talking, lying, thieving, tabloid trash outlets so good luck with that and I'm to say you lost one long time loyal viewer and I'm sure there will be lots more as this story gets out there with everyone.. You could have not ran this story and I'm devastated you did………..NEXT!!!!!!

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