“If we can help mediate, we will. We have offered that. We are a key element of the negotiation…if we can grease teh wheels, in terms of getting the deal done attractively to everyone, then we will do our best,” stated Stephen Espinoza, President of Showtime Sports and Event Programming, who made it clear that the network is eager to hammer out a deal that will finalize negotiations for a heavyweight unification showdown between champions Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder. Check it out!


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  1. JOSHUA vs PARKER Showtime Total Viewership Numbers 776,000 X $59= $45,784,000

    JOSHUA vs TAKAM Showtime Total Viewership Numbers 643,000 X $59= $37,937,000

    WHYTE vs BROWNE HBO Total Viewership Numbers 444,000 X $59= $26,296,000

    WILDER vs ORTIZ Showtime Total Viewership Numbers 1.2 Million X $59= $70,800,000

    I think anybody can see…..who the A side is.

  2. AJ is a paper champ, He got smashed up and got lucky against a 45 y/o inactive Bithcko who already got schooled by fury. He got rocked and wobbled by fat bum D.whyte who is barely top 30 and he got a gift decision over average joe parker who has three GIFT decisions over ruiz, takam and H.fury. Aj is the biggest hype job and fraud in the history of the sport. Couldn't even ko takam or average joe parker lol wilder will expose him and he knows it that's why he's ducking quack quack

  3. Duckin wilder like they ducked ortiz. Aj fighting uber drivers and the uk thinks hes the next best thang to chocolate milk. The way he fought parker showed how fukinscared he was. Fight like that against wilder aj ass going to sleep. Aj yo time is up. Hand the belts over or get knock tha fuk out and still hand the belts over.

  4. 40 fights as a pro. WBC champ for over three years. No unifications. One credible opponent. Over managed. Under paid. Wilder was fighting 8 rounders in his twenty-first fight.

  5. Wilder's power is overrated. He doesn't punch all that hard. He is like a cruiserweight. Ortiz got up easily a couple of times and Molina several. I wasn't too impressed with his knockout of Stiverne, either. Because of his wild punches, he can give the impression they are hard but aren't really. Its the awkwardness, the arms flying all over the place that some of his opponents struggle with, rather than the power of them. He has been taken into the very late rounds by some very average boxers e.g. Molina, Washington, to name a couple.

    As for Joshua, he has fought far better opponents in his short career than Wilder has one lasting over a decade. Whyte, Klitschko, Takam, Breazeale, Parker, who range from good to very good. However, I do feel Joshua needs to fight like he did against Whyte, Klitschko, Breazeale and not like he did against Takam and Parker. He has gone into his shell these last two fights. He is now becoming protective of his winning run and trying to maintain his $20m a fight purse, than trying to entertain. No one remembers a dull fighter no matter how good. People will talk about Mike Tyson in 50 years but someone like Mayweather will be forgotten in just a few.

  6. the level of delusion from Wilder’s camp is crazy. While not showing up to the biggest media fest to building the fight at the Parker fight. That’s a L on it’s own. In regards to splits: you can’t look at only percentages % If I give you 20% of £60.000.0000 and I give another guy 33% of £30.000.000 it’s a whole lot of millions more. You can argue all day about it. But the percentage will have to be expressed in $, €, £ it’s called currency. Really it’s like a class of babies that can’t count til 10. The math is shit. Wilder overvalues his market share. He is fighting for $700.000 on a regular bro. That is the reality of his market share. Talk currency, not just the logic of percentages. Cause I bet you would understand it that you should take 1% of Bill Gates his net worth over 2000% of your own salary today. Or are going to bargain with him and say “well, I get 100% of my salary now”?? Come on people. Get serious.

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