Shoreline Mafia on Quitting Lean, The Homies Kicking Girls Out of a Party (Part 6)

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Shoreline Mafia members Ohgeesy and Fenix Flexin spoke to VladTV about a viral video of them allegedly kicking girls out of a party, and they both confirmed that they weren’t at the party. They also spoke about saying that they quit sipping Lean during their last interview, which they pointed out is a hard thing to do when you’re on a demanding tour schedule. To hear more, including dangers of street drugs today, hit the above clip.

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  1. Quitting opiates is one of he hardest things to do. Withdrawal is the worst & people try to facade it but in reality It’s killing more people than WW2. ITS AN EPIDEMIC/:

  2. Buddy look more white than anything else. Especially surrounded by black folks…. this the main reason why I’m sticking wit black women. I can’t make a culture appropriator, sorry cuh. That’s all dude is, a mf using the black card to promote bullshit that keeps black folks in the same space.

  3. Why everyone talking bout them acting like they off something. Obviously y’all haven’t a clue… like really if drugs are that bad and so on. How would these tweaking dudes be sitting at an interview for that long lol. Without a hit of drugs or like nodding off or smoking a cigarette.. that’s a huge indication as well I’m sure these dudes don’t even smoke cigs. Y’all don’t even have facts just bs.


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