Shoenice Turns On Ethan & Elon Trolls The World – H3 Podcast #160

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  1. Dude does Hila lack social awareness or something? How can she think telling someone who is trying to win a boxing match, in the middle of the match to tell them "It's fine, it's your first debut fight." Hila thinks this is actually fine and supportive?? Does she not understand what the subconscious mind does when you say something like that…? It causes someone to try less and lose eventually instead of giving it their all. How can someone not understand this, I thought Hila had at least more intelligence than that to understand this is bad. Like at the end of the match when it's all over, sure say that, but not in the middle of it, and that was the one thing Jake Paul was actually right about even if it came off as him being mean, Jake was right, Shannon Brigs (Logan's trainer) was just a yes man in all of the training leading up to the fight and during the fight, it made Logan Paul overconfident and that coupled with the corrupted judges who took off 2 pts without warning is what caused Logan to lose the fight.

  2. Ethan and ESPECIALLY Hila are wrong on the Jake Paul vid, for once in Jake's life, Jake actually made sense. Logan's trainer (Shannon Brigs) was a yes man from the beginning and even Jeff Mayweather said the same thing about Shannon, literally from the beginning of Logan's training, Logan's trainer (Shannon) would yell let's go champ every day at Logan and made it seem like it would be impossible for Logan to win, at least KSI's trainer said that there is a possibility that KSI could lose. ON TOP OF ALL THIS YES MAN BEHAVIOR FROM LOGAN'S TRAINER, Justin Bieber walked Logan out saying "calm… peace…" as they were walking to the stage, making Logan's psyche and mind in the wrong spot, instead of Justin Bieber saying "kill your opponent." JB told him "calm…peace…" that's not a mindset to be in before fighting KSI, on top of Shannon Brigs (logan's trainer) telling Logan don't worry if you lose, it's your first debut fight, in the middle of the rounds. This was horrible, I think Hila just doesn't understand much things in life, in general or both Hila and Ethan just have some bias hate towards Jake for whatever he does and believe me, I hate Jake Paul more than most, but this was one thing in Jake's life probably that Jake was right about.

  3. Ethan and Hila discussing with Dan about the Tesla pick-up reminds me of my peers convincing me not to buy a product cause they assume its an impulse purchase, and me being dead sure im not going to regret it


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