Serena Williams says she ‘cried’ when she stopped breastfeeding

The tennis legend speaks candidly about breastfeeding, post-baby weight gain and more in a pre-Wimbledon news conference.


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  1. It's a personal choice for each woman, you are darned if you do or darned if you don't…thanks Serena for sharing your experience, it will help other Moms who feel guilty for not living up to societies expectations. Raising a child is very demanding and we women should support each other and share experiences. They don't come with a manuel…every child is unique.

  2. The topic/issue shouldn't be about breastfeeding and weightloss. It should be about the health and needs and your baby. Worry about the weight later. The worry will actually only affect the baby anyway. Just chill. No one esp media should dictate how fast a mother loses weight after giving birth. It's really sad after a female celebrity gives birth the media is instantly talking about her weight and weight loss. So the question to the audience should have been, Does it even matter!

  3. Do these paid talking head readers on TV think we're all a bunch of brain-dead lemmings? Even people with only two brain cells left to rub together know that transgendered men can't become pregnant, much less breast feed, lol. Are you kdding me?

  4. Oh yes! Breastfeeding has caused me to hold onto weight! The struggle is real. But it’s worth it. I’m still breastfeeding at 19 months! I’m 10 lbs over and exercise 4 days a week. I’m thinking the extra weight will come off when I stop.

  5. Thank you for this I have four kids do exclusive 6 months and brestfeed till 1 yr plus but no loosing weight so brestfeeding dont loos weight at all rather it add more.

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