Sean Evans Answers Spicy Fan Questions and Shares Season 5 Highlights | Hot Ones

Hot Ones Season 5 is in the rearview mirror, and Season 6 is on the horizon. But before we officially bid farewell to Charlize Theron, Michael B. Jordan, and the rest of the SZN5 gang, it’s time for that great Hot Ones tradition: the extra-spicy fan mailbag! Sean Evans takes a seat in the newly christened Hot Ones Museum of Curiosities—featuring a collection of tchotchkes and memorabilia from our favorite guests—to answer your burning questions. Stay until the end for an epic, One Shining Moment-style montage of the season that was. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and as always, you’ll get an uncontrollable urge for violently hot chicken wings.

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  1. It has been a great ride, this show got the roomies to try out some local "hottest wing" type challenges with me and it's bee a riot! The camaraderie of getting through bullshit that happens to also be tasty and give you a real and intense high is extraordinary! It's been remarkable to see the guests who (I suspect) get litty seem to act like they are totally baked/drunk on the last 4

  2. Another amazing, refreshing, liberating thing about your format is that you can come sit and say exactly what you are saying to the viewers right now without fear of repercussions. Goes to show that no matter what happens on an episode it's because y'all wanted it that way and an executive producer you have never heard of isn't telling you remotely exactly what to do. Keep up the amazing work. This is, by far, the most engaging and eye-opening interview show out there for viewing currently.

  3. I think it's very disrespectful to get invited to a show, that you go to because you want to get publicity for some event or movie or album and don't even watch a single fucking episode of that show. No one expects you to know all the inside jokes or running gags, but at least familiarize yourself with the format and the host and know what's going to happen.

  4. Sean's genuine and sassy AF attitude are great. Don't get an iPad! Don't let these comments boss you around! Not even this comment! You go glen coco

  5. when you're gonna have Shia Labouf please? Any thoughts on that. I know not every one likes him, but it usually is with incredible personalities. Please consider it

  6. Like your show a lot. The reactions of your guests are, mostly, for real what makes it special. And because you named a new hot sauce…any idea bring them oversea? Can't get them in Germany 🙁

  7. It's not that the Cookie interview was controversial, it was the worst one to date. She came in to the interview drunk off her ass, she was disrespectful, and she kept veering off the rails during questions. Bodyguard Dave was awesome, but Cookie is one of the worst human beings Hollywood has to offer. I would've kicked her out.

    I'm so happy, though, that every interview this season other than the first were downright amazing. Looking forward to season 6!

  8. Being in the UK I don't even know half the people on the show, but it's entertaining anyway and I get to be introduced to artists I might not ever have been. I don't get why there's so many whiney Muppets talking about laptops and who's being interviewed, it's probably the most genuine interview show going. Best wishes from the UK

  9. Get youtube's favorite car-guy, James Pumphrey. Also, I think Ryan Reynolds/ Deadpool's personality would go great with the show and the wings.
    Congrats for another season. Sean is a great interviewer, so intuitive funny and polite, smart, but not annoyingly smart-ass. Key and Peele was the reason I discovered Hot Ones, I was watching a K&P video and K&P Hot Ones was one of the recommended.

  10. 6:46 Whoever is hounding Sean about an using an iPad are idiots. The hell's wrong with you people, do you enjoy hot sauce greasy ass fingers swiping on a tablet screen? He's eating. I'd rather have a messy arrow key to flip through some images quick to clean, than struggling with an iPad when shits already slippery, sometimes fingers don't register too if your fingers aren't clean enough. Laptop just chills on a stool let the man and his laptop be.

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