RZA & Joey Bada$$ Share The Process Of Bringing The Wu-Tang Story To A New Generation

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  1. Each one teach one Angie! It's inspiring to see the previous generation mentoring the youngins. Joey Bada$$ is the future of pure uncut real hiphop if you ask me. As KRS-One said in one of his tracks…real hiphop will live forever! Big S/O to them trap dudes…but real hiphop is where it's at!

  2. Wutang is the best hip hop group in history nobody's even close.. Saying that the wu series is well written but the actors are awful I can't believe rza and the rest of the group approved these actor's

  3. Angie inclusion is a hella of a drug ,chill and stop interrupting and add your 2 cents cuz your inferiority lol you ask questions and wanna answer them for em while they are replying not even full sentence you interrupt.

  4. RZA looking like Bobby Digital out here in these streets. Just to let it be known, I'm not feeling the casting selection on the Wu-Tang: An American Saga. Joey should've played RZA in my humble opinion. And the other players should've been selected better.

  5. Was i the only person lowkey dissapointed in the series? There was alot of weak and corny dialogue by actors who couldnt sell the role to me, also a lot of false things that never happened, rae never shot at ghost, meth and rae been friends since 5th grade but in the series they only met in rzas basement etc.. also some of the clothing did not match the late 80s and early 90s, one thing i can say is that the intro scene of the first episode up to the theme song was ill, rza cooking up the 7th chambers beat and rae running from the cops to his crib to record his verse, even tho it never prolly happened it was still ill, ol dirtys, powers, divines and meths characters were the only ones that killed it imo

  6. That shit is Trash! Acting is terrible. I can't even tell who the members are. Reminds me of one of those after school programs from back in the day. Not what I expected.

  7. I Like the story line but I hate how hulu can't get a licence for names for the artist. Watching it was like who is who.. ODP was the only one recognizable Look like Wiz was the main character. Hustle & Flow was better.


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