Ryan Hollins: Lakers need to ‘keep pressing’ Spurs for Kawhi Leonard | First Take | ESPN

Ryan Hollins joins First Take to talk about the Los Angeles Lakers following LeBron James’ decision to join the team, saying they should “keep pressing” the San Antonio Spurs for a Kawhi Leonard trade. Players going to San Antonio in exchange for Kawhi include Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball.

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  1. San Antonio is cutting off their nose to spite their face. Never ever do that. I can see why the Lakers can wait but thinking that Lonzo, Ingram and Kuzma are going to be great is absurd.

  2. Article XI

    Section 3. Withholding Services. (CBA Page 288)

    A player who withholds playing services called for by a Player Contract for more than thirty (30) days after the start of the last Season covered by his Player Contract shall be deemed not to have “complet[ed] his Player Contract by rendering the playing services called for thereunder.” Accordingly, such a player shall not be a Veteran Free Agent and shall not be entitled to negotiate or sign a Player Contract with any other professional basketball team unless and until the Team for which the player last played expressly agrees otherwise.

  3. Don’t get too patient and complacent.
    If Spurs and Kawhi are given time, Tim Duncan might convince Mawhi.
    Remember Kawhi is the biggest Tim Duncan believer who put trust before he is nobody all the Gold diggers of Lakers coming at him.
    Lamarcus wants out of San Antonio in the worst way possible he wouldn’t even mind to go to Nets or Kong’s but out of San Antonio. What happened he is an All nba player and All star.

  4. The drama queen wants Kawhi, NOW! Doesn't care who the Fakers have to give up. The Dubs, Boogie, will be ready for the 2019 playoffs and the old ass queen will see another wasted season.

  5. We shoulnd Trade shit for Leonard maybe hart, deng and randle sign and trade plus 1 future pick that should be enough for a player who's going to sit out a year if he's not tradet and leave the spurs next year for us so spurs should be happy with anything right now

  6. if they patient?? They stupid, only looking at lakers perspective, spurs needs people, if they wait they will let kawhi walk for free!! If they trade now spurs win and lakers win. It’s simple the spurs are just stubborn. Kawhi can get traded 10 times this year and still at the end will be a laker for free! And who ever trades for kawhi other the lakers will lose pieces to get a non committed player. This isn’t rocket science people.

  7. These people are so ignorant Kawhi NEVER said he wanted to be a Laker he said he wants to play for Los Angeles (which I guess people have forgotten has 2 teams btw) and PREFERS the Lakers

  8. i don't think these guys understand math. lebron isn't 33 this upcoming season. he's 34… i know because i was born in 1984 as well and have been 34 for a few months now… so "SITTING AND WAITING" ( throwing away lebrons age 34 season ) would be an absolute waste. those were kobe and jordans LAST elite years… waiting for kawhi in 2019/20 would be lebrons age 35 season. by then he won't even be a top 5 player IMO

  9. I don’t care what his thoughts are on this Kawhi trade….I’m just trying to figure out why this nigga is on First Take dressed like one of The Five Heartbeats.

  10. The Lakers do not know what will be there later will came because they thought Paul George will be there later that's why they weren't focused on him and they let it slip away because they were so focused on getting Kawhi Leonard. They could have kept everything they had got LeBron got Paul George and they probably would be headed to the finals this year but they waited and they didn't turn out right. The only thing Kyle kuzma can do better than Lonzo is score of the ball. That's it screens, he gets more assist, he can facilitate offense, he is a way better Defender, he rebounds the ball better even though he's a point guard and kuzma is a power forward, and he steals and blocks better. Now don't get me wrong I love Kyle kuzma this game but people that think basketball is just about an individual player scoring points don't understand the game. It's a team sport and Lonzo is the better team player. Having said that I identified how good Kyle kuzma was in the Summer League last year and if you go back and some of my post you will see that I was saying this. Everybody else jumped on the kuzma bandwagon after the fact

  11. I don't know who the the light-complected brother is but his points are more valid than will Kane and the other guy. If they're going to get to why they need to do it now. Midseason trades do throw off the chemistry and one thing that has shocked me this year is how fast free agency is moving. I thought it was going to be a few weeks to a month before player start choosing teams and that is not the case. So you got to get it while the iron is hot and the longer that the Spurs wait which may be their plan all along, the harder it is for them to trade Kawhi because people will not have any cap space left shortly

  12. The Lakers should just leave it how it is for a season. Enjoy the first year of LeBron James and next year get two of the best players that's available and start a dynasty.
    2020 Champions

  13. If he did this to San Antonio Texas why you think he will do that to Lakers or to other team. I guess live under the shadow of kobe and magic you will never be hall framer if you go there family business is never good for business everyone knows that

  14. I say wait. Keep the core, shoe how fun it is to play in LA. We sucked for years now but keeping the core along with Leonard's presence allows us to be a dominant force for years to come….. Another dynasty

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