Roxanne Shante Details Her Son’s Father Breaking Her Ribs at 16, Leaving After (Part 6)

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In this clip, Roxanne Shante explained her experience being a teen mother. While there are many horror stories and statistics leading to the narrative that teen parenthood is a road to familial breakdown, Roxanne Shante’s experience went surprising well. She said being a recording artist at the time made it possible to provide for her son while the responsibility of being a mother kept her away from over partying, smoking, and drinking.

However, all wasn’t well according to the Queens legend. She dealt with a period of domestic abuse at the hands of her son’s father that eventually led to her being hospitalized. Roxanne Shante said that although she doesn’t want to relive her abusive past, she understands the importance it has for young women having similar experiences.


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  1. I went through the same thing, teen mom going through domestic abuse. I left before my kids understood what was going on. I wanted to be rescued as well. Now I don't understand how older women stay in a relationships with abuse. I will never let it happen again as a woman.

  2. Shante has a fiery temper, and my mom has the same fiery temper. She's tough as nails on men, and with her being such a bad-ass chick, she needed a straight up evil dude just to balance her out and make her feel feminine. My father was that dude, and my mom would tell me stories about all of the crazy, abusive things that my psycho father said and did to her. But as strong willed, outspoken, and kinda mean my mom can be, I wonder what percentage of the abuse she suffered was unprovoked, and what percentage she brought on herself. Women can't always be innocent.

  3. Roxanne is full of shit on some issues.
    She was promoting teen pregnancy and guys reciting "Roxanne, Roxanne" is not creepy. It was the lyrics to a fucking song..

  4. Girls been having kids at early age since the beginning of time .like who the fuck wants some ol ass used pussy .who cares about Roxanne she made a few songs waited to long for a movie most that remember her pushing 50 so who cares

  5. You was diggin Vlad she flipped the 1st question into a positive one then you said hold on) but at one point u were going threw some domestic abuse though? I like your videos but sometimes u dig to deep into there old negative world!

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