‘Roseanne’ star on his gender non-conforming character

Ames McNamara speaks to “GMA” about the attention paid to his character, Mark, who likes to wear girl’s clothes.

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  1. I liked the first Roseanne show but this reboot sounds like it is playing off of the controversial in order to be sensationalised. It is very sad that it has come to this in the reboot.

    The show is quickly turning into a freak show for ratings.

    The show is very unrealistic and not only unrealistic but also attempting to normalize the odd. Giving a white guy a fully black kid ( which is impossible) instead of a biracial one and one grandson being gender non conforming in outfits yet they are allegedly blue collar trump supporters. Whatever.

  2. I am for one tired of this transgender gay s*** shoved down my throat and my kids throat if you want to be gay that's fine get in the closet and do it in private if you have a penis you are a boy not a girl

  3. "They didn't tell me anything I just play mark like a normal kid"……..BULL FUCKING SHIT. They indoctrinated the shut out of this kid and he's going to hate you all in the future.

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