‘Roseanne’ spinoff ‘The Conners’ to premiere this fall without Roseanne Barr

After “Roseanne” was cancelled for the star’s racist tweets, the network announced a new spinoff called “The Conners” that will star the same cast without Roseanne Barr.


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  1. U can't wait for this? Um Roseanne made the show…I won't b watching this piece of garbage….the other characters were funny but just comic relief to her genuis…..IDC how good the show is

  2. Fuck Sarah's character…sorry Sarah Gilbert but Roseanne made a mistake and u guys turned your back and now it's going to be around you? I'd rather watch my neighbor's dog take a nice hot steamy shit on my lawn,and I hate it when the dog does that…GARBAGE

  3. Thanks ABC I watch the first episode of the return
    And did not watch it again because of Roseanne
    Now I will watch it faithfully
    Love them all but never like Roseanne

  4. I won’t watch the show because of Sarah Gilbert and David Fishman .they threw Roseanne under the bus if they were replaced I might of watched one episode to see it flop…My prediction the show will be a big flop…if it last for two episodes it’ll be a lot..Roseanne made a mistake so God for bid anybody forgive her I guess because she’s not Kathy griffin or Samantha bee

  5. No offense but I think the show will carry on.. The best storylines last season were Becky and Darlene's anyway… Wasn't interested in Roseanne's knee surgery storyline and I wasn't really impressed with her acting. Maybe now we can focus more on having DJ have more airtime and storylines. I rather they just make a spinoff focusing primarily Roseanne's children.. They were the most interesting to me.

  6. Lol saying the Connors will be about love and laughter. These characters in real life threw Roseanne the woman that gave them all careers under the damn bus. I got to admit I like Dan and Aunt Jackie a lot and if Roseanne in real life passed away then I would watch the show still but to see these people not care about Roseanne and continue the show goes to show you it's about the all might dollar and don't care if you hurt the one that started it all.

  7. With all the serious topics they were bringing up on the show this would be a way to share real life situations of a loss of a parent or grandparent and how to move on.

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