Ridiculous Adult Movie Titles (+ Wife's Reaction)

This French woman reacts hilariously when I tell her that her husband was downloading a bunch of really strange ‘adult movies’ while she was on vacation. Check out last week’s NEW animated prank here: https://youtu.be/01oYfT74noc

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  1. Hey Russell, it would be great if you did a collab with Trilogy Media! You're hilarious and they are hilarious so it would be a great video! Irlrosie has done a few collabs with Trilogy Media so I would love to see you guy's all together! Thanks @Ownage Pranks

  2. All the movie parodies Russel mentioned

    Penetration Station 7
    Harry potter and the Sorcerers Balls
    Edward Penis hands
    Ace Ventura Crack Detective
    Game of Bones Winter is Cumming
    Missionary Impossible
    Gang bangs of Newyork
    Sex Trek: the next Penetration
    The Sexorcist
    Tits a Wonderful Life

  3. 1.Penetration station 7
    2.Harry Potter and the 3.sorcerer's balls
    4.Edward penis hand
    5.Ace venture crack detective
    6.Game of bones winter is coming
    7.Missionary impossible
    8.Gangbangs of New York
    9.Sex trek
    11.Tits a wonderful life


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