Ric Bucher talks Warriors role in KD's injury & his MRI in New York | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Ric Bucher joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to weigh in on the aftermath of Kevin Durant’s injury. He gives insight into why KD chose to go to New York for his MRI, and how much blame the Golden State Warriors deserve for their role in the injury.

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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Ric Bucher talks Warriors role in KD’s injury & his MRI in New York | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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  1. I hate when the media wanna place blame on ppl like I said before KD makes his own decisions not y’all he got back on the court cuz he wanted to help his brother end of story and he wanted to compete again y’all just wanna make up a story cuz it sounds good

  2. they treated kd like Iggy …. Andre headed for retirement in year or two. gsw feels like kd was leaving next season …
    Klay had to FIGHT to play…because th3y know he ain't leaving … clearly kd ceased being an investment to them …..when he would commit to them.

  3. The Warriors are like a man who took his son’s college fund and gambled it on the lottery.

    “I know the odds say it’s damn near impossible to win. But these numbers I have are special and can’t lose.”

  4. I'm just wondering….$26 million sitting on the bench is profitable? Not saying they are right or wrong but if you wanted to buy that Rolls Royce(title), you might want to use that cash (KD) that you have stashed away!!

  5. These guys act like the players don't want the risk by playing for a SHIP. lol. C'mon now. Act like people are holding a gun to the players' heads to get them to play. Ignorant.

  6. 3:00 That is dark…..but Ric might be onto something. The Warriors were said to be more than perturbed by KD's constant entertainment of the FA process and allegedly recruiting players to NYC. What if, IF, GS brass said, "we know he can't save himself from himself." Let's talk up the hero aspect of his legacy, coming from 3-1 down to win. If the injury goes, it goes. Hopefully it will springboard us enough to get back into this series and save OUR legacies.

    Because remember this….if they ultimately lose the Finals, they will have matched the LeBron Miami Heat's 4 year run. Lose in '16 in dramatic, humiliating fashion, win '17, '18, and lose '19. That would END any chatter about the Warriors joining the Bulls as a top 2 Team of all time. They knew it. And they sacrificed KD's health to get game 6.

    I dont know how they can live with themselves. Now I know I want them to lose these Finals. Because that front office doesn't deserve to gloat. And even if they fire off 2 more wins, I hope KD doesn't join the parade and makes the celebration awkward, forcing the whole organization to answer why KD isn't there.

  7. To me, the Warriors organization (not the players) give me the feeling of a wolf disguised as a sheep. They act nice and caring when things are going their way, but when their backs are against the wall and they're coming close to losing the championship, they make desperation calls that are straight up dirty and shameless. I'm not convinced that Pachulia decided by himself to injure Kawhi when he was torching them. And now they convince an injured KD to return to the game when they fully knew he wasn't ready. They didn't care about his well-being as much as they cared about their championship. I just see a pattern here.

  8. Player plays through injury (think terrell owens when he played with a broken leg) and people love it. Player plays while injured and gets a more severe injure and people are surprised (think pikachu meme). That's the game athletes play when putting their bodies on the line, blaming the organization is a cop out. The organization doesn't get praise when it goes the other way.

  9. Ya'll Knicks fans are delusional. KD isn't coming NYC. Neither is Kyrie (Not that you should even want him). KD is likely going to exercise his player option and remain with the Warriors for another year.

  10. This thing has been shady from the beginning: KD's reaction to the initial injury was 100% consistent with an Achilles tear; including wearing ice packs way beyond the location of where a supposed "calf strain" would occur; murmurs within the Warriors brass and locker room questioning KD's toughness (as if KD's injury was even remotely similar to Klay's minor hamstring tweak); Bob Myers pathetic and embarrassing crocodile tears after the game (my 3 year old daughter is more convincing); etc. etc. KD felt pressured to play and paid the ultimate price with a devastating and potentially career-altering injury.

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