Republicans Lose Their Minds During Strzok Testimony

Today was a testy day of testimony on Capitol Hill as FBI Agent Peter Strzok had his turn in the hot seat. Strzok is the guy Republicans are trying to use as proof of some sort of FBI conspiracy against Team Trump. Strzok was on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation team, but then Mueller found out that Strzok in 2016 had exchanged anti-Trump texts with his girlfriend, Lisa Page who was an FBI lawyer at the time and removed him. Strzok says these personal texts were his personal opinions but the Republicans in the house desperately want to use this to discredit the whole investigation.

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Republicans Lose Their Minds During Strzok Testimony


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  1. The dentist, though . . . .
    Which reminds me, I've got to tell you something. I'm a napkin designer, so I read crab's body language very, very well.
    And just a couple of hours ago, a crab signaled to me that Kimmel is a secret agent hired by trump to lure anti trump people to him, every single one of Kimmel's audience is being identified, and as soon as trump's Space Force is inaugurated, they will all be rounded up and launched off to Pluto, where they will be put to work on burger farms, which trump expects will supply him with free burgers thereon.
    And Kimmel needn't try deny this, because, as I said; I'm a napkin designer.

  2. Clearly he "plotted" against him by calling him an idiot in a personal text. Lol wtf people on both sides have been PUBLICLY calling him an idiot for the longest, but somehow these few personal text from almost 3 years ago "that are arguably factual" somehow scream conspiracy. The idiocy knows no bounds. They're reaching miles to try and discredit this investigation next we'll hear about how Muller's distant cousin was dissatisfied with his stay at a Trump Hotel a few years back and this is all a plot for Revenge from that.

  3. I wonder why Louie isn't concerned about Donald Trump serial cheating over many decades? Oh never mind, I know the answer. Louie is a hypocritical, morally bereft baboon desperate to protect Donald Trump's breathtakingly corrupt administration.

  4. Strzok is a weasle. These dem reps are unfit for office. Trey is a hero. Trump is the greatest president we may ever see. Thank you President Trump for saving our country!!! Thank you democrats for getting Trump elected- totally couldn’t have done it without you guys. Sure I voted for Trump… But you guys did the lion’s share of the work for us- or should I say lyin’s share?

  5. Wow, this segment was so inaccurate. No one cares about those particular texts. The ones we care about are where he’s saying they will do whatever they can to make sure Trump’s not elected and then later on stating he wants to get him impeached. Kimmel also left out that he was a part of the investigation against Hillary and the lead investigator against Trump in their separate cases, and the timing of the texts indicated he had his mind made up before they even began interviewing people. Thy need to show Trey Gowdy’s clip.

  6. This is all part of Gowdy's witch hunts, which have never turned up anything. Republicans are trying to create a conspiracy to overthrow Trump out of the text messages that many have sent.
    OMG, Trump is a moron.
    WTF, who would vote for this idiot?

  7. Strzok took an oath at his wedding – in front of God and by God – of which he has broken.
    Yesterday he raised his right hand and made another oath – in front of and by God – and he broke that one, as well.
    If the boy has no problem lying to his wife – then he probably wouldn't have a problem lying to congress. Which he did – over and over and over.
    I think Gohmert's comment was appropriate.

  8. I don't agree with what the FBI guy did regarding his relationships, in fact I detest it and am disappointed by it, but why is the congress guy bringing it up when the investigation is about the credibility of the FBI? Unless it is about honesty or integrity, it had nothing to do with the question of the FBI at hand. Seems like they just wanna end the Mueller investigation.

  9. Are you kidding me?? The significance is what he was working on at the time…. you descend to crude misrepresentations and gross oversimplification and finish with ad hominem attacks on the congressmen. BTW there's also something racist and hypocritical about the Latino character too. I couldn't see "Tucker" getting away with something like that.

  10. Republicans Lose Their Minds During Strzok Testimony.. they do not have minds to lose. they use their brains as diaper, the House of Rep as Home for the Aged and they are wet in their this November.

  11. Republicans Lose Their Minds During Strzok Testimony.. they do not have minds to lose. they use their brains as diaper, the House of Rep as Home for the Aged and they are wet in their anus..AND THEY NEED this November.

  12. gop rep gohmert believes that it is so important for americans to know the sexual life of an FBI agent looking innocent than the Russians interfering in the US democratic election..they were like senile grandmothers arguing about slippers..SWAMP SHAME..

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