Reggie Wright Jr: Suge Knight Shouldn't Get 28 Years for That Crime (Part 5)

Part 4:
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In this clip, Reggie Wright Jr speaks on his theory that the plea system leads many people to prison for crimes they never committed, noting his belief that to this day there’s a high number of innocent people behind prison walls. From there, he also shares his opinion that Suge Knight was recently given an unfair sentence for his vehicular manslaughter conviction, by suggesting that 28 years was too long for those circumstances.

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  1. I think what happened to The Central Park 5 should be taught in schools, but unfortunately it goes against the liberal concept of "believing all women"

  2. Yeah, see the Police "hemmed up those kids" cause they were running around Central Park beating and robbing people. That's conveniently left out. Then, They Confessed to Raping the girl! Now, they're whining about "the Police coerced us." Listen, no one is going to coerce me into saying I raped and beat a girl half to death, No One!" If you don't want to go to jail for a crime you didn't commit, don't confess to it. . .

    And of course Trump was pissed about it! Everyone was pissed about it. You had several confessions, it was publicly reported, and Trump took an add out. So what. Here's some truth:

  3. Suge got 28 years because he's a repeat, violent offender, with known gang ties.

    He's considered a threat to society and if you ask some of the people unfortunate enough to see his bad side, they would agree.

  4. Do not listen too Vlad . number one youngest never say shit lawyer up. Never be live what cop says know rights. If feel you innocent do not take a deal. We're black accountmatic guilty before you are innocent.


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