Reggie Wright Jr on Compton Originally Being a Mostly White City, George Bush Living There (Part 1)

Part 2:
In this clip, Reggie Wright Jr. spoke about the history of Compton, noting the racial change began to happen in the 1970s when his parents and other families began to move from the housing projects in Watts and other areas, and buy homes in areas like Compton, Cerritos, and more. He also briefly spoke about the rise of certain gangs in the Compton area.

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  1. There were very few MEXICANS in Compton, Watts, & South Central back in the day. I think they mostly started coming in the 80s. And this was due to MASS ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Now they outnumber EVERYBODY. Just like any other ppl, individually, some Mexicans in LA are cool, some are not. But as a group, the Mexican (& South American) GANGS in LA are EXTREMELY racist against Blacks. A lot of them target Blacks.  

    The more illegal immigration continues, this will start happening to Blacks in OTHER CITIES also. They already have MS-13s in New YORK now. They also now have Surenos in Chicago, & in other places. This is why Blacks should 100% be AGAINST mass immigration. Especially Mass ILLEGAL immigration. We have to stop listening to Racist anti-black Liberals & Sellout Negros (like Angela Rye etc).

  2. Raymond and tookie clicked up with mac Thomas from Compton and that's how crips spread to compton.raymond and tookie used to go down there back in the day to promote..Mac Thomas was influential in the crip movement down there..

  3. REGGIE THE BOSS, STREET PIRU AND POLICE CONNECTIONS,ACCESS TO LARGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY…SUGE REGGIE TUPAC forget snoop sold himself out sideing with bad boy at the peak of the beef, in new York also. Should of been honest to Makaveli from the start, and not participate in my Americans most wanted full video that DISSED BADBY FROM START OF VIDEO

  4. I like how this dude tries to play dumb naive and nice guy when he was sheriff in Compton for numerous years and that’s mostly all he dealt with was gang member yet “I don’t really know too much” yea ok


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