Reggie Wright Jr: Mob James' Brother Bountry got Killed in My Car (Part 4)

Part 3:
Part 1:
In this clip, Reggie Wright Jr speaks on how he’s known Mob James since Elementary School, recalling that the former Death Row bodyguard was expelled from school and started joining gangs by the 8th grade. From there, the conversation shifts towards how Mob James brother Bountry was killed in a car that Reggie Wright purchased for him, in addition to noting how tensions rose between rival gangs after the murder of 2Pac.

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  1. You need to get at Pooh he’s Santana block he’s on YouTube as Active Hood Rich. He’s all over YouTube. He was on Gangbangin’ foe life documentary. That’s real g shit get him Vlad he probably got stories for days !!!!! Highly recommended

  2. Vlad has dreams of his roamin the streets in a old scoo drop top in slow motion wit a AK on his lap with a blue rag on his face sellin crack with bg knoccout as the driver and making suge knight drink piss then wakes up in his patrol car with glazed donut crums on the corner of his lips and beard

  3. We know u had him killed to cover up yaw trail of the most orchestrated hit in hood history!!!! Big Reg, yaw did that!! We may miss the legend but when them killas come for u it is what it is!!

  4. Vlad ask ok questions but he's always looking for the bad, negative parts. He loves and is consumed with black life, culture, music and gangsterism. Switch it up maybe once a week and get a college athlete, students overcoming odds, etc.


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