Raz B on Moving to China, Lewd Acts w/ Boy Allegations, Hit in Face w/ Ashtray (Part 5)

Watch Part 4: https://goo.gl/9MmUQg
Part 1: https://goo.gl/NMAFDk
In this clip, talks about moving to Chin in 2004. He said he was approached by a company that wanted B2K to perform at the Great Wall. Ultimately the opportunity didn’t work out. 

Despite the failed opportunity, Raz B returned to China on a different occasion and stayed for three months. He describes being in China as difficult at first, but the Chinese culture humbled him in a good way. Watch the interview above.


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  1. I will always be his "number 1 fan"!!!! He really needs more therapy….he's been through a hell of a lot due to his mother being on drugs his dad in and out of his life….Chris Stokes really fucked him up!!!! Chris and Marques Houston molested this man when he was young….they took advantage of him (and all the rest of b2k members) and then once he put it all out there they made up multiple stories about him and made it damn near impossible for him to get work again……..that shit drove him crazy but fuck all of that….I wish Razb nothing but better days and happiness!!!! I CAN'T WAIT FOR OMARION TO GET HIS HEAD OUT OF HIS ASS AND GIVE US A REUNION!!!!

  2. He was accused of LEWD ACTS with a BOY and he asks WHEN!!?!! When?! Like he doesn't remember WHICH accusation this was? If someone asked me some shit like that the answer is not when or with who. The answer is hell no!

  3. Sounds like hes been threatened with legal action. Lets face it many people within the past two years have come out and said that they were molested/abused by a known person within the entertainment industry. Lets face it unless he has some interesting stories to tell about B2K or is going to talk about his abuse, nobody is interested what he is currently doing

  4. Mandarin is a difficult language to learn. and he is misleading people about China…. it's a horrible place for black people but it has unlimited opportunities for business

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