R.Kelly BOMBS On Trey Songz For BITING His Singing Style? | Throwback Hip Hop Beef

R kelly Has Choice Words for trey songs!! Enjoy this throwback!!

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  1. He’s a weirdo but R. Jelly is telling the fucking truth. Trey songs is a horrible knock off of R. Kelly. One thing I’ve noticed is when someone steals someone’s creativity they always say “they’ve fallen off and I’m better then them” which is bullshit. Trey songs don’t have the vocal ability to replace the weirdo or the talent. R. Kelly is one of the greatest artist every and the closest artist to Kelly would be Neo and he couldn’t touch R. Kelly.

  2. He’s a weirdo but you can’t deny the fact that R. Kelly controlled R&B for generations, something that no one has done since. He was the last of a dying breed and he saw R&B being taken away a long time ago and thats why he denied that white boy Justin timberfake a song. R Kelly told hime hell no, but look at R&B today it’s slowly becoming white and the record labels are not signing black talent anymore because their pushing our music onto white Disney kids.

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