Pusha-T Claims Drake Is Offering $100,000 for Dirt on Him

Pusha-T can’t stop putting Drake on blast.

After unleashing his blistering “Story of Adidon” track earlier this week, Pusha declared himself the winner of his longstanding feud with the Toronto rapper. Many people have been holding their breath for Drake’s response to “Story of Adidon,” in which he was accused of being a deadbeat father; however, Pusha has insisted Drake would fail to find any incriminating information about his past.

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  1. imagine believing everything you hear/see on the internet. Yall realize that when you ask someone for proof and they say they aint got not theyre probably lying right. Taking shit at face value and believing that moronic shit charlemagn spouts nobody cares about the truth when the lie is more entertaining is why we have a potus that is a mongoloid. The only reason we aint at war is because hes surrounded by the same politions he said he wasnt going to be lol. His PR team on the other hand is run by a bunch of retards. Which dumbass set up a meeting with kim kardashian, like some of the Kim Kardashian nudes, what the fuck does she know about prison reform. Any way this whole beefing w drake shit kinda lame, daytona went double tree bark. Sad nobodys talking about the album after a week or so because of all this shit, kind of Pushas fault but owell. That duppy shit was wack too, regardless of the fact he has a point saying he wrote for kanye. Also MS aint a joke, but how you gonna throw out a line about somebody health when you got Sickle Cell. The funniest thing to come out is Push doing Drakes gender reveal lmfao.

    Cant wait for this boring shit to be forgotten.

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