Pull Up (Teaser) | Featuring Joe Budden, Charlamagne Tha God, Wayno, Casanova, Maino

Watch the full episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4LSLvFb9B0

Saturday x 11am ET x YouTube. Brunch with a few good men.

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The Joe Budden Podcast – http://bit.ly/BuddenPodcast
Pull Up – http://bit.ly/JoeBuddenPullUp
Oh, What A Night – http://bit.ly/JoeBuddenOWAN
Official Music Videos – http://bit.ly/BuddenVids
Rage & The Machine – http://bit.ly/RageMachineYT
The Rage Tour – http://bit.ly/RageTour


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  1. Is it me or has talking about Hip-Hop become more lucrative than actually being an artist in Hip-Hop…( but that is not a bad thing ) it moves the needle of the culture and keeps each generation tied to the next.

  2. Bunch of dues sitting around a table gossiping like a bunch of women, SMH Joe . Used to be a huge fan of the music, but you're looking like a bitch lately Imo. & Crook a real one, he seen the change in you as well.


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