ProJared Finally Responds & Dave Chappelle Is Cancelled – H3 Podcast #139

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  1. Hey Ethan I was watching this with my mum in the background Ive showed her a few of your older videos. She’s French and French ladies are obsessed with their weight and image and when she saw you she said “oh he’s lost weight”. And if anyone would know she would so at least you look alright in that Larry David shirt

  2. Ethan is right about Keto. Fucking gateway to heart disease. Doesn't matter if you're losing weight. The widow maker will strike hot. You want to lose weight? Eat foods at a caloric deficit not packed full of another animals cholesteral.

  3. Come on Ethan,
    Everybody makes mistakes but you really need to do some research before you attack people.

    The vast majority of Projared fans ist way over 18 a good portion in their 30.

    So yeah Jared is a horny mf.
    And yeah the Tumblr was a bad idea.

    But are you honestly saying that he didn't get canceled?

    He got canceled in the worst way.
    He was labeled as an pedophile, abuser and cheater without any proof whatsoever.

    The only one showing proof was Jared himself.

    And there are still people like you with little information dragging him on a huge forum.

    It feels like you are not willing to admit that you took part in a witchhunt and that's why you are trying to he is so creepy and still bad.

    Please, PLEASE do your research if you speak on the topic.

  4. Man, Ethan is right about Projared and people here are such fanboys. But at the end of the day, the people sending at nudes are also responsible.
    I will still watch his videos, but he is a perv for sure.

  5. Love yah guys but you're telling me that in order to understand David Chappelles special, I have to watch all of it. I agree but you guys don't bother to watch all of the projared video. Just sayin. "You gotta watch it"

  6. Two of the greatest misconceptions in modern health science is 1) The application of Physics to a system which is strictly biological, 2) The broad attack on fat rather than carbohydrates. (I am not a health specialist). By the way, Hila, we all love you and none of us wants to see your husband slowly deteriorate.

    Counting calories is flawed in that your body is a biological system that extracts all kinds of food differently, and its needs aren't just energy-based meaning that it also needs all of the necessary food nutrients. Minerals, Fats, Carbohydrates, Protein, Vitamins, Fibre, Water. All of them burn and store differently in your body. It's not so simple as burning a gummy bear and calculating the energy given off.

    With that said two of the essential food nutrients are not so essential. Fibre (one of the main reason people don't cut out carbs) may not be as essential to bowel health as once thought. If you want to know more, there is a talk by Dr Paul Manson. Carbohydrates have been thought to be OK if they're slow-burn and starchy. However, it supplies you with a constant energy stream. This means that any excess stored in the body isn't burnt, the glucose is. This doesn't matter which kind of carb, all are bad. You can even feel better with 0 carbs since insulin will not be released so much and you stop feeling hungry for said carbs. There's no disadvantage to ketogenic diets, just supplement any missed minerals or vitamins and regulate salt if you want to avoid high blood pressure.

    The idea that fat causes heart disease is something popularised by a study by Ancel Keys. This study tried to correlate fat intake with heart disease levels. Of the original data, not enough fit his hypothesis. So he just erased the countries that didn't match up to make a correlation. If you need it in simpler terms, our guts haven't evolved enough since ancient times for us to process refined carbohydrates. Comparatively, it's fairly recent that we've been able to refine carbohydrates into food like bread. Back then, carbs were a precious rarity in a diet which should be treasured. That's why we store them as fat.

    That's just some facts I've retained. I am no dietitian. Please, if I've made an error, correct me. Thank you for reading.

  7. Raygun or whatever his name is was pretty magnanimous about everything and considering all the initial allegations have been taking away the things that got him into that trouble then he has evidence to support against them besides that it gives a little credit does that mean he's great no but he was being magnanimous

  8. Could someone ask Ethan if he thinks everyone who fucks a <18 year old is a creep? Ethan, are you honestly saying every male in a country where 14-17 is legal, is a creep, or even pedophile since you like hyperbolism so much? Are you calling 100% of the male population of Mexico or Japan or Denmark pedophiles? YES OR NO. Fucking fat stupid fuck….. "bUt tHe LAws huRr DuRr" It's either okay across the line for everybody or nobody. You can't make it magically legal to fuck a 16yo by moving over arbitrary lines drawn on maps, or literally taking one step over a borderline in some cases "to change the laws affecting you".
    Can you stop and think about wtf you're saying before you open your fat retarded face…?

  9. He didn’t say he was soliciting, he said he was accepting nudes from those who provided them voluntarily. Is he in a position of power? Yeah. Should that be held against him? Maybe, but the assertion that he said he was soliciting them is false. Get your shit straight man.

  10. What's fucked up is that Ethan clearly understands the metoo movement and why it's fucked up to use for fame for sex and the potential damage it causes yet I guarantee you almost no one in the comments will agree with him. Ethans gonna get so much hate for understanding how manipulative and predatory cuntjarods mindset and behaviour is yet at least half the guys watching this are gonna prove they don't realise how fucked up it is. My hope for humanity is incredibly fickle

  11. Hila is a better host. DAT MOM BUTT. but, yeah, well, Hila should by The guide. ETHAN, IM TYPING IN ALL CAPS LIKE IT MEANS A THING?! Ethan stop thinking.

  12. This episode of the podcast was up and down…

    The ProJared thing is complicated, too complicated for someone like Ethan who admitted to being tired, scatter brained and is obviously a little upset from being called out. What Jared did for a lot of people is considered scummy, but some people can't help that behavior. If Jared wants to live this lifestyle then ok, it doesn't mean everyone has to agree to it but tolerate it. Jared also knew what he was doing was frowned upon and didn't try and pressure people into it, the point in his video was more about how people were so quick to drop him and cut ties. This was much like the James Charles controversy where he was accused of using his fame for gain. When you claim to not be a journalist and not do research you can't complain when people start to call you out on it. Ethan went on saying how what Jared did was terrible and it was, but he was never going to admit he was wrong. Jared's content is also about odd and nostalgic games, along with a DnD show he had done with Holly. Believe it or not, most of his audience would most likely be 18+, even more of his audience that had Tumblr to contact him being in that age range. After studying sexuality for a year, I can understand why Jared did this. Some people will go farther then others to fullfil their needs and Jared had a platform to do so.

    Ethan and Hila talking about weight was honestly cute and heartfelt, but many people have gotten results from the Keto diet. Again, research would of been helpful.

    Still a fan of H3, I just wanted to mostly say that some people have trouble meeting their sexual needs. It was obvious that Jared's wife knew about what was going on and agreed to it. Its not always easy to criticize things like this cause they reach deeper then what we can see. This behavior comes from things like "society norms" and the opinion of sexual acts like this becoming slowly more accepted. It's easy to see a lot of people were okay with this now after Jared cleared up the minors part, seeing how many people liked his video and saw him as redeemed.

  13. The whole diet conversation is some tough love haha but hey I understand, changing your diet is hard, I'm vegetarian (would love to be vegan) but I just can't give up the dairy! Every vegan milk is gross and I hate that I hate it lol


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