Philthy Rich and Vlad Debate over Men’s Emotional Responses to Confrontation (Part 6)

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Part 1:
In this clip, Philthy Rich discussed his foray into criminal activity starting at age 11 when he was arrested for beating up a kid and stealing his bike. He spoke about having sons now and the way he’s grooming them to break the cycle of criminal activity. Philthy Rich said he frequently tells his sons how lucky they are to have a father considering how many young Black children go without a dad.
To that point, Philthy Rich and Vlad discussed the impact of fatherless children, boys in particular, and the emotional instability that may result from lacking a strong male figure. Vlad said he believed men raised by women oftentimes are overly emotional and find themselves in precarious situations as a result. Philthy pushed back on Vlad’s theory and spelled out some other factors that lead to certain responses on behalf of man-to-man interactions.


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  1. Wrong. If you google alpha male characteristics it would explain. Alpha males fight to defend not destroy. It’s why most alpha males don’t have it in them to punch someone for saying something wrong. It’s self control/self discipline. Google alpha male traits and see if your one of them

  2. ALL THESE NIGGAS WHO LOSE THEIR SHIT OVER WORDS ARE USUALLY PUSSY. EMOTIONAL. and any MFer that gotta kill someone who said "suck my dick" probably sucking dick

  3. Lil kids down the street used to beat us up and take our bikes and our moms always wanted to call the cops but we would just wait for them to go to the store and jump them. I think as a boy or a man you gotta learn to solve your own problems. The big kids down the street learned to respect us cause we get down and we fuck they lil sisters and shit.

  4. Vlad is a square. Of course he could not understand fighting and dying for his respect. If you are in the streets different rules apply. It comes with the territory. That’s why you shouldn’t be in the streets unless your willing to deal with all the consequences.

  5. what vlad described is not female emotions females love talking out there problems a nigga tell you to suck his dick that's straight up disrespect and chi was living in the hood he let that slide then other niggas would try to play him for a herb(sucker) it's a messed up why of thinking and living but it hood life

  6. Vlad got tough with Ross got his head smashed up and she’s like a bitch…… stop doing shit thinking you gone get way with it I wouldn’t expect nothing else from a bitch name vlad

  7. Most Man all colors and races, are emotional because most was raised by there mother's. While Dad at work or gone. That's why most Man are so emotional that they will kill you.

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