Phil LaMarr and Vlad Debate the Best Comic Book Movies (Part 5)

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In this clip, Phil Lamarr and DJ Vlad discussed and rated the top comic book based films. They talked about Black Panther and how it stacked up against the field. For Phil Lamarr, he believes that T’Challa, the protagonist in the film, was the least interesting character in the same way Batman was in the ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy.
The pair went on to discuss the success of British actors in the U.S. market. Phil Lamarr said that film producers exoticize British actors and allow them the freedom to act. For American actors on the other hand, he believes that producers are looking for the actor “to be” the character which in turns doesn’t leave room to act.


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  1. That’s funny. I really liked ragnarok and dr strange. The first Deadpool was kinda corny to me. Logan is probably the best tho. Black panther was ok.

  2. No Vlad you momo. The reason why the Batman movies have the villain as the most interesting is because Tim Burton and the other directors after him made the movies like that on purpose. No one goes to a Batman movie to see the villains.

  3. You have to compare Black Panther to other origin stories.
    1. Marvel's The Avengers
    2. Avengers: Infinity War
    3. Iron Man
    4. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    5. Black Panther

  4. Agree with LaMarr, "The Dark Knight" wasn't a strong movie and Ledger's performance is all people really liked about it.

    The best comic book film (to me) was "Infinity War". Story was simple for the heroes side, but Thanos's entire goal in the film was accomplished and he stoled the whole film and made it work.

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