PAULIE MALIGNAGGI REACTS TO AMIR KHAN’S 39-SECOND STOPPAGE OF LO GRECO: “GREAT STATEMENT BY AMIR” as on hand at the Echo Arena in Liverpool, England, where former world champion Amir Khan made a big statement, stopping jr. middleweight contender Phil Lo Greco just 39 seconds into the first round. Check out all the action after the fight.


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  1. Khans always been a good boxer but two things let him down first is he gets reckless and second is his chin.a puff of wind could ko khan hence why if he fight brook he getting ko. I still thing Khan will win first few rounds but by round 6-7 he ko

  2. out of Ray Mancini Vinney Pazzienza and a few other palookas this guy was the WORST BOXING HAS EVER SEEN NO PUNCH WHATSOEVER thank God he can talk because he was ABSOLUTELY GARBAGE AS A LIMITED COMBAT WARRIOR

  3. Oh shut up you greasy Gumba no one's interested in your annoying comments. You're not even a legitimate boxer. You're like a jiving black person that thrives attention to feel important in their own mind

  4. Stop dissing UK Pauli… you fought Sam Eggington in UK and he KO you with body shot… was that fight stop early Pauli ? In America you get fixed judges (Golden Boy Promotions ) Drug Cheats … biased referee … America has a history of corruption in boxing

  5. Paulie is right. But American fans spend 90% of the time complaining about bullshit refs and judges in the sport in the States, then point the finger to the UK whenever some bullshit happens on our soil!

    Real talk, fights in the UK get stopped earlier than in the US, home fighter advantage or not. That's because we've had a number of recent deaths and famous historic high profile incidents in the ring when the sport was still on terrestrial TV. The difference from the US, is that the hurt fighter doesn't get the benefit of the doubt. If the ref thinks that a fighter can't win the fight & he is given an excuse in the UK he will stop the fight. It's not a "corrupt" thing, it's how the British Boxing Board of Control tell the refs to operate. They don't want to see anybody take unnecessary punishment. Personally I prefer that, even if it means you are robbed of KOs or wide decisions.

    As far as the US goes. Barely a weekend goes by without some bullshit card. You also get reffing controversies. How long was Wilder given to recover between rounds in the Ortiz fight? That would never happen in a UK ring! The UK's UKAD drug testing program is also 365 in and out of camp unlike in the US. So US fans need to calm the fuck down with this stuff. The sport has it's issues, but the idea that the UK is worse is a joke.

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