Paula Jai Parker: My Mom & Scammer Stepdad Got Kidnapped & Pistol Whipped (Part 3)

Part 2:
Part 1:
In this clip, Paula Jai Parker opened up about her father dying when she was just three-years-old. She talked about her mother remarrying a real estate broker and how they moved up the socioeconomic ladder as a result. However, her stepfather was engaged in illegal selling practices which landed him in prison. But Paula explained how her mother kept things afloat and eventually bolstered their class standing with her business acumen.

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  1. There is no Common Law anymore, at least not in Pennsylvania. My parents were CL, and I asked my lawyer a few years ago, because my girl and I been together for 10yrs, the lawyer said it's done.

  2. Why does Vlad love to ask black people about negative family situation. I never thought about if he had two parents. Getting to the point where even the guest are not enough to keep watching.

  3. S/o to moms. I always say how i wish i had a mother or father to look up to who set great examples for me and gave me a real chance at life. My grandmother tried her best but i realized when i became a Man that support, love and protection is everything for a child and really helps shape their life.


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